Saturday, May 4, 2013

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 5/4/2013 Results and Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 5/4/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Brad Maddox and Josh Matthews are your commentators.

Mick Foley was trying to learn how to dance from The Uso's. The PTP's took exception to this, saying they should be the ones teaching Foley instead. They did the PTP dance and called the Uso's the cousins of Honey Boo Boo. Somehow Foley turned this into a match between Young and Jey.

Darren Young vs Jey Uso

This was the second afro pick break.
"Titus O'Neil won a football championship with the Florida Gators." - Josh | "But Darren Young's about to win this matchup on Saturday Morning Slam." - Brad Maddox

Jey Uso won by DQ when Titus pushed him off the top rope. This was a lame finish to a lame match. This was all screwing around and playing with hair and little else.

Foley said there were unresolved differences and signed a tag team match between the two teams, obviously taking GM tips from Teddy Long. The Uso's danced after this announcment.

The Uso's vs The Prime Time Players
"That's two. They got one timeout left." - Brad Maddox | "No, they don't. There's no timeouts in the WWE." - Josh
"Who put those steps there?" - Brad Maddox
Mick Foley did a don't try this at home ad. Yeah, not the best choice here when he was jumping off roof's when he was younger.
"Titus O'Neil puts the dominant in dominant." - Brad Maddox
Jimmy Uso got the win with a Samoan Splash. This was mostly fooling around too and just wasn't that great. The PTP's were funny but the match wasn't really special at all.

Overall thoughts: This had too much comedy and little wrestling. Skip this one.

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