Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WWE Main Event 5/8/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 5/8/2013 Results and Review

My preview of Main Event 5/8/2013 is here:

Last week's show is here:

More pics and gif's will be up tommorow along with my NXT and TNA Impact Reports.

Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro

Orton goes for an axe handle off the apron and goes into the rail

Randy Orton beat Antonio Cesaro with a surprise RKO in about 21 minutes. Good match here, mostly due to Cesaro. Cesaro controlled almost all of this match and he was good doing it. He even busted out a Fujiwara armbar which was cool, while Orton did an axe handle off the apron which we haven't seen from him in a while. This was just a solid heavyweight match. Rating:***

We got lots of recaps from Raw.

They announced a Sheamus vs Mark Henry Strap Match at Extreme Rules:

The Uso Brothers and Justin Gabriel vs 3MB
Justin Gabriel announced that Heath Slater challenged him to find two partners for a six man last week, and he did.

JBL talked about being Justin "The Hawk" Bradshaw and branding Rikishi, who is the Uso's father.

Justin Gabriel picked up the win with a 450 on Drew McIntyre. The match picked up and got better near the end with one of the Uso's diving on all of 3MB who were holding Justin Gabriel. They did a small exchange of finishers and then Gabriel got the 450 for the win.

Overall thoughts:
They went two for two here so overall this was a good edition of Main Event.

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