Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WWE Main Event 5/15/2013 Preview

WWE Main Event 5/15/2013 Preview

Tonight's matches are:

* WWE Tag Team Champion Kane vs. Seth Rollins.
* WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Sin Cara.
* Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel.

My thoughts:

Kane vs Seth Rollins - This will be an interesting test for Rollins to see what he can get out of Kane. I would imagine he will be doing a lot of flying and bumping for Kane's moves until The Shield gets involved somehow. This won't be a classic but Cesaro and Ambrose have gotten decent stuff out of Kane this year so maybe there is a way Rollins can. I'm predicting Rollins to win after The Shield interferes.

Wade Barrett vs Sin Cara -  This is a tough one to pick. This is Sin Cara's return to WWE TV. Wade Barrett doesn't have much going on right now so it is possible Cara could get the win to build up something, possibly even for Extreme Rules. However, Wade is the IC champion. My prediction is that Wade Barrett will probably pull this one out after a Bull Hammer.

Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel - This will be shorter and not as good as their excellent Superstars match-up from last week(see it here - Either guy can take a loss and it won't really matter but this will likely close the show and they will probably want the face to end the show on a good note. Therefore, I'm picking Justin Gabriel with a 450 to win it.

Stay tuned for a live review of WWE Main Event 5/15/2013 with pictures and gifs the next day if something is gif worthy.

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