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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/3/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/3/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

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They did an opening package with Team Hell No and The Shield and they played Rocky IV music to it.

Ryback vs Daniel Bryan
 Cole said Ryback was the #1 Contender. I have no idea how though. I really can't recall the last important singles match he's won. I guess challenging Cena makes you the automatic #1 contender which makes me wonder why everyone doesn't challenge Cena?

Ryback said he didn't regret what he did to Cena and the biggest and strongest always beats the weak. He then said, "Ryback Rules".

Ryback won with a Shellshock. This was a great match, seriously. This was a great performance by DB and Ryback was good too. DB built the match around low kicks and high flying offense. It worked for a while until Ryback started to make him pay by catching him and throwing him around. The highlights here were two nasty deadlift powerbombs and DB getting thrown to the outside. this was a total surprise and was a heck of a lot better than I expected. This may be Ryback's best match ever and a true testament to the talents of Daniel Bryan. The result is funny though if you think about it. Who's the better wrestler? DB. Who's more over? DB. Who's more charismatic? DB. Who lost? DB. Try explaining that to a non-wrestling fan. Rating:***3/4

Ricardo said he was really excited then he started going off in Spanish and talking super fast. ADR came in and told him to chill out.

Fandango vs Zack Ryder

"So changing your haircut makes you more aggressive?" - JBL on Josh's comments about Ryder changing his look and being aggessive and serious. | "So you go to your barber and ask for the aggressive cut?" - JBL

Fandango got the win with a top rope legdrop. The match was short and sweet and Fandango looked really good as usual.

Kaitlyn got another love message, this time on a text from a blocked number. The Great Khali gave Kaitlyn some love advice, but I couldn't even begin to tell you what he actually said.

"What is your name?" - Zeb | "Renee Young." | "Well, Rhonda, let me straighten this out here." - Zeb
Zeb said he was sick Monday, but he went to work because he is a real American and he said that is why he lost. Zeb said people on twitter were saying it was the most inspiring performance. Zeb said Ricardo was guilty of theft but he will go out and take care of it. I'll tell you, I doubted Zeb at first, but he's been really good on the mic lately.

Ricardo Rodriguez vs Zeb Coulter
"He's wearing Zubaz." - JBL

Ricardo Rodriguez won by DQ when Jack Swagger jumped in. ADR then got involved and they cleared out. The match was okay for what it was but it was mostly comedy. A shame too since I'm certain a straight match with these two would be good.
Teddy Long then came out and I think you can guess what happened from here, playa.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez vs Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter
Jack Swagger recreating his drug bust from a few months ago?

This went to a No Contest quickly when Dolph Ziggler jumped in. Teddy Long came out.
Would you like to guess what happened next, playa?

Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston vs Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter

Alberto Del Rio won with an armbar. The match wasn't bad. A lot went on and it was entertaining. Dolph and Big E were by far the stars here and made this one interesting.

We cut to the back with pipes falling(of course!).
The Shield talked mostly about justice and beating Kane tonight, before we saw a beat down Daniel Bryan.

Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow
This actually happened a few weeks ago on NXT. I reviewed that here:

"Vintage Hanging DDT." - Cole | "Vintage Cole Commentary." - JBL

Randy Orton won with an RKO. I liked him bumping into the rails and his dropkick was good, but there wasn't much else to it besides that.
Big Show came out saying Orton is great in singles matches but has too big of an ego for tag teams. Sandow then hit Orton with a neckbreaker while Big Show laughed.

Show then threatened Orton and the announcers took it as a challenge.

Striker asked Kane how DB was and Kane just said he'd get The Shield back. He said at some point, The Shield would take him down and make sure he stays down. Kane said he would keep on fighting though and that "we are going on a little journey to a place called hell". Good promo by Kane here but he did ignore the DB question completely.

Arm Wrestling Contest - Mark Henry vs Sheamus

"Wipe yo hands.You know you cheatin'." - Mark Henry
"You better stop eye ballin' me boy. And put ya hand down." - Mark Henry

Mark Henry wins

"WHAT? WHAT?" - Mark Henry
"Mark, congratulations. You obviously have the stronger right arm. But I don't believe you have the stronger left." - Sheamus
Sheamus had a cut under his left eye here but I don't know from what.
"Man, quit playin'. You know you gotta put yo hand in the front." - Mark Henry

"That's what I do." - Sheamus after Brogue Kicking Henry

I liked the segment and found the punch funny but it does confirm that Sheamus is a little prick.

Kane vs Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose hits a headlock driver.
Dean Ambrose beat Kane with a Headlock Driver. Good match here due to The Shield. They bumped everywhere and made Kane look great. Ambrose had great facials and really sold well. Kane wasn't bad at all either. He played his role of being aggressive well and I liked him trying to use Undertaker moves as revenge on The Shield. Good main event here. Rating:***1/2

"This is their yard now. Get used to it." - JBL
The Shield left Kane laying after a beat down and a triple powerbomb.

Overall thoughts: This was a great Smackdown and probably the best Smackdown of the year. They just were firing from all cylinders here. Everything was at the worst okay and there were two memorable matches. The Shield was great, Kane was great and Daniel Bryan was great. This is definitely a must see Smackdown and well worth your time.

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