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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/17/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/17/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:


MizTV with Randy Orton and The Big Show
"Instead of an RKO, it's gonna be a TKO." - Big Show
Big Show accused Randy Orton of sneak attacking him multiple times. He said his hands are his weapons and he doesn't need anything else.

Orton said he won't lose in his hometown on Sunday and the only thing people will remember from it is how The Viper struck down The Giant.
Zeb called this a therapy session and said Sunday would be memorable because Swagger would make ADR quit. He also said that Alberto Del Rio was allowed to say it in his native language, which is "no mas".
Alberto said he would be the only thing people remember. He said he'd make Swagger say I Quit.
Alberto said he'd send Coulter back to where he came from.
Mark Henry said him pulling semi's and setting world record would be remembered, as would him beating and dragging Sheamus.
Sheamus said why wait until Sunday to create a memory and pulled out a strap from behind his back.
The faces cleared the heels out to end the segment.
Teddy then announced Swagger, Henry and Show vs ADR, Sheamus and Orton in a 6-man tag match.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs The Uso Brothers

Roman Reigns picked up the win quick with a spear. This went less than 3 minutes but it kept a fast pace.

Kofi came in to stop The Shield giving The Uso's a beating and cleared them out.
"Welcome back to Smackdown. You've been missed." - Teddy Long
Sandow wasn't happy that Miz was back and said he should have stayed away, especially after he said "inciting a near riot this evening".
"Teddy, I propose to you this - THE DAMIEN SANDOW SHOW." - DS
Teddy said he would consider doing that show and signed The Miz vs Damien Sandow for tonight. They pushed Teddy overshooting his power again.

Tons of Funk vs The Prime Time Players

Tons of Funk won with a double splash. This was mostly a sqaush and was your usual Tons of Funk stuff.

Chris Jericho vs Antonio Cesaro

Summer Rae was faking a leg injury backstage.

Chris Jericho got the win with a Walls of Jericho. Good match here. The story was Jericho constantly trying to get Cesaro into the Walls until he finally did, which got him the win. He got it by doing a cool counter out of Karelin's Lift. Rating:***

Fandango jumped Jericho off of a Summer Rae distraction and got caught. He got cleared out as did Cesaro who tried a cheap shot too.

The Miz vs Damien Sandow

Cody was at the booth and said he requested this as it would be a big win for him.
"This audience needs to stand up. If your sitting, stand up for Damien Sandow." - Cody Rhodes

The Miz won with the Figure Four. The match was okay but it is a Miz match and there is a limit on how good it is going to be. I liked Cody going on the mic to try and get the crowd to cheer Sandow best.

Aksana vs Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn received flowers and gloves. Yes, gloves. She seemed impressed. They said the secret admirer was tweeting now.
They edited out a portion of the commentary when Josh talked about online dating. Josh said that it was Sin Cara who was sending the gifts.
"If I was on eHarmony, I'd put up a picture of my wallet." - JBL
"People don't even send love notes anymore, they send text messages which are called texts." - Josh Mathews | "Or you can call them another thing which we can't say here on this program that you are probably engaged in at 2 o'clock in the morning in your apartment." - Michael Cole hinting that Josh Mathews dials 976 numbers.

Kaitlyn won with a surprise spear. The match was okay I suppose but nothing you would go to see. The highlights here though were the whole argument the commentators were having about who the secret admirer was and the constant bullying of Josh Mathews. Remember everybody, don't be a bully, BE A STAR!
"I don't have any phone in my hands." - Josh | "Hello dear, like your spear." - Michael Cole, simulating a Josh text to Kaitlyn.
We had a 14 minute Raw recap with Triple H and Lesnar.

Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and Randy Orton vs The Big Show, Mark Henry and Jack Swagger

Randy Orton got the win with an RKO. This was a fun match, especially in the 2nd half where they picked it up with big moves and finishers. The match could have used more time but it was good.
Overall thoughts: The show was okay as a whole. The main was fine but Jericho/Cesaro was the highlight. This isn't a must see show but nothing was really bad here.

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