Friday, May 10, 2013

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/10/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5/10/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

The Highlight Reel with Ryback

Ryback said he didn't care to hear Jericho's thoughts on what he did to Cena and didn't want judged on it.  Jericho told him he would lose the respect of everyone if he beat a one legged Cena at Extreme Rules.

They got in each other's faces and threatened each other until you know who came out, playa.
Teddy signed a match between them for tonight.
Ryback decked Jericho to end the segment.

They announced Mark Henry would try to set a new record of trying to pull two tractor trailer totaling 55 tons tonight.

Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes

Kofi Kingston won quick with a Trouble in Paradise kick. The match only went a few minutes but it was fun for what it was.

Renee Young interviewed Zeb Coulter. Zeb called her "Reba". Zeb said Jack would serve a statement tonight on Big E Langston. Zeb said  being in America is about achieving your goals. He said step 1 is to get the World Heavyweight Title and step 2 is to take America back.

Big E Langston vs Jack Swagger
ADR was at the booth

This one never got started here as everyone started hitting each other with ladders early. Dolph Ziggler supposedly got a concussion from his ladder shot, but I think it had to have been the shot from Monday. The shot he took on Monday actually hit him in the head and looked a lot worse. Del Rio cleared out everyone with ladders and posed to end the segment.

Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose got the win via DQ, or atleast I think so, when Kofi Kingston jumped in. The Shield got in first but I don't know if the ref saw it. They said Kofi got in for revenge for Monday. This was a great match. The crowd loved it. DB lit up Dean with kicks. Dean got a cut on his eye and really sold it well along with his great bumping. I didn't see much of Ambrose before he got onto the main shows, but it is pretty obvious he is a main event talent, as is DB. This was just a hot match with stiffness, selling and great bumps making this must see. Rating:***1/2

 They showed Mark Henry "Warming Up" by pulling a tractor trailer.

I really wish I liked Mark Henry's in-ring work because he'd really be an all-time great if he was good in-ring. He's really awesome as a character and I always mark out for strongman feats.
"There's been a lot of strong men, that pushed trucks, boats and trolleys and stuff, but there's never been a grown man on this earth that has ever pulled two tractor trailers." - Mark Henry
Mark Henry pulled two trailers trucks. Did Mark Henry pull two trailer trucks? Did Mark Henry set a world record? Unlikely on both counts. There were people inside of the trucks as there always are in these types of deals. This is to ensure the person doing the pulling doesn't pull the trucks on their heads. More than likely, they pressed the gas pedal or put the trucks on a hill for easier lifting or both. Now as for Mark Henry breaking a world record, it is again highly unlikely. Guinness wasn't there and I'm not going to take WWE's word for it.

"That's what I do." - Mark Henry
Renee Young interviewed Randy Orton.
"At Extreme Rules, there will be no antidote for what I do to The Big Show." - Randy Orton

The Big Show vs Tensai

The Big Show won in seconds, possibly with only one move - The Knockout Punch. Tensai lost some weight and came out aggressive before he lost.
Show speared Brodus Clay and Orton came out of nowhere for a great RKO.

"Later, Gentlemen." - AJ Lee
Kaitlyn and AJ argued until Natalya came in and AJ left.

"Rey Mysterio, Budakah, Budakah, 619." - The Great Khali as Rey Mysterio
"That's me, baby." - The Great Khali
"Khali, you don't have to go undercover...and you don't have to look like Cody Rhodes." - Natalya
Kaitlyn asked for Khali just to keep his ears open and keep the costumes off.

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Chris Jericho won by DQ after Ryback crotched him on the post above. The match was good. Ryback did the nice deadlift powerbomb and I liked his fallaway slam. Jericho wasn't bad either but the finish was lame.
Ryback clotheslined Jericho over the booth to close the show.

Overall thoughts: Good show. I liked the Mark Henry segment and the DB/Ambrose match. The other matches were all fine so this one is definitely recommended.


  1. I don't think them pushing the gas for Henry is possible, but it is possible there might be people pushing the trucks behind them. I was looking at Mark's Powerlifting record on wiki, and WOW. He really was a monster. He has a ton of High School & Junior records.

    1. Yeah, that's a possibility too. Mark definitely was the real deal lifting-wise.