Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WWE Cologne, Germany 4/28/2013 House Show

WWE Cologne, Germany 4/28/2013 House Show

Fandango vs Ted Dibiase

Fandango won with a russian leg sweep. Not much was shown here but it looked to be pretty decent.

Layla vs Aksana

Layla and Lillian kissed Hornswoggle pre-match.

Layla won with the Lots of Layla here. This was quick but perfectly fine. Aksana was the heel and got cocky before Layla made a quick comeback and won. Layla danced with Hornswoggle post match.

The New Age Outlaws and Randy Orton vs The Shield

The faces won when Roman Reigns used a chair and got DQ'd. Good match here. The crowd was into it, the faces got most of the offense and they just timed it right. It was enough to leave you satisfied but also enough to keep you coming back. Road Dogg looked really hyped here and looked as good as he ever did. Rating:***

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