Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who should have been Paul Heyman's next guy?

Who should have been Paul Heyman's next guy?

With Paul Heyman announcing Curtis Axel aka Michael McGillicutty as his new protege, I took some time to think about other options for Paul Heyman's next guy.

The most obvious choice for Paul Heyman's next guy was Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro has it all and is so far my wrestler of the year. No one minus Daniel Bryan is even in the ballpark wrestling wise and at the moment, Cesaro is about as good as it gets. WWE is in a transition stage with him as they gave him a new look with glasses and a hat and changed his character around from an anti-American heel to a heel who is good at wrestling. By making him Paul Heyman's next guy, he would have had a new route to follow immediately and hopefully would have got some of the attention he deserved.While I do think he is good on promo's, adding Paul Heyman wouldn't have hurt him a bit. I think a Heyman/Cesaro combo would have been very similar to Heyman/Brock and would have immediately put Cesaro in the main event and would have finally give him the recognition he deserved.

My second choice would have been Adrian Neville aka Pac. Neville has been very good in NXT and is clearly above everyone else there wrestling wise. The crowd loves him and he comes off as a star. He does have two hurdles though in that he is a little short and isn't great on the mic. Paul Heyman would have handled the mic problems and I'm certain that Paul Heyman would have made Neville's height a non-issue as well. Paul Heyman would have been a perfect manager for Adrian Neville.

Big E Langston would have been my next pick. Big E got a huge win over Alberto Del Rio on Raw and has been on a really good run booking wise. Obviously, the company sees something in him and intends to exploit it. Big E is okay on the mic but can get a little bit weird, which is where Paul could have made improvements. Paul also would have surely pushed the strength and rawness of Big E in similar ways to when he was managing Brock Lesnar. This would have been a really good combo.

One last choice would be Titus O'Neil. As I have been mentioning in my reviews, Titus has really been developing and is becoming the full package. The big thing holding him down is his team with Darren Young which brings down his value and his comedic antics. With Paul Heyman, both of those would have been fixed quickly. Since Paul has a habit of getting a lot of out of bigger guys, I definitely think he could have gotten something out of Titus. I think Paul also could teach Titus to work more like the big man and monster he could be which would only make him better.

While there are other choices, these four are the top guys who popped up in my head. Did I miss someone? Do you have another idea for the next Paul Heyman guy? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Fandango,Ryback or Justin Gabriel

    1. Fandango would have been interesting, that's for sure! Ryback would definitely have worked with Heyman and Gabriel would have been an interesting choice as well!

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. anyone other than micheal mcgillcutty would've worked. he sucks, period.