Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling changing time

TNA Impact Wrestling changing time

TNA Impact Wrestling is changing it's time from 8PM EST to 9PM EST starting May 30th, 2013. The change is due to Bellator Fighting Championships not being on much during the summer.

My thoughts
I am against the time change for three good reasons. They are:

1. I like Impact at 8PM. I prefer that shows are on earlier rather than later. It makes the wait one hour less for the show and for workers, it means one hour more of sleep each night. While 11PM is not late, if I have a long day and have a choice between getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep, I'm choosing 8 every time. This time change will significantly affect children. I know a lot of parents would not allow their children to stay up past 9pm-10pm. I rarely did when I was a kid and that meant I watched more Nitro than Raw.

2. This change will take a while to get used to and may hurt ratings. Impact is engrained in my head as being on at 8pm and it will be for a while. While Raw is now on at 8PM, I always have to remind myself of it being on at 8PM instead of 9PM. The same goes for Saturday Morning Slam which recently switched from 10AM to !0:30AM. It takes some viewers weeks to catch the change and will bring down ratings just a touch for a little while.

3. It affects me. It takes me a while to finish my additions to my Impact review and I'm more willing to spend time on it at 10PM than 11PM. Sometimes it takes me over an hour to finish and the prospect of finishing at midnight is not an enticing one.

Aside from possibly being a better time for viewers in different parts of the world, I think the only good thing that could come out of this is that people who want to watch shows on the loaded Thursday night line-ups, may be able to catch them. However, the cons significantly outweigh the pro's of this move and I do not support the change in time.

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