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TNA Impact Wrestling 5/9/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 5/9/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

This one will be pics only. My DVD recorder produced a bad disc so I can't get any gif's.

Sting talked about wanting to get revenge on Bully Ray and how he chose his team.

Kurt talked about making D'Lo Brown tap and then called out AJ Styles.

Kurt was upset and demanded an answer. Sting wasn't so mad and went a less aggressive route in convincing AJ to be with TNA.

Angle told AJ you're either with us or against us. AJ walked away. Kurt chased him and they brawled. Ace's snuck into the ring and hit the 3D on Sting.

AJ walked off mad backstage.

Mickie James and Velvet Sky vs Tara and Gail Kim

Velvet Sky won quick here with a In Your Face. There wasn't much to this at all. Gail turned on Tara after and put the figure four on her around the post.

There was an Ace's party that D'Lo didn't get invited to. Bully then asked who of Ace's was ready to take care of some club business right now while Devon looked on.

Bad Influence tried to buy off James Storm with beer. Storm brought up Kaz nutshotting him. Kaz also said Aj didn't go jedi but went syth. Daniels said "forget about fortune, we can be threetune".

Ace's came out.

They warned whoever would be the mystery partner for Sting tonight, not to do it.

Bully Ray demanded that D'Lo Brown give up his Ace's jacket. D'Lo didn't want to but eventually they took it off of him. They asked what he would do to get the jacket back and he said he would beat up Magnus. Bully said no and said that D'Lo would sit with the timekeeper and watch Doc beat up Magnus. He also said he better hope Doc wins.

Magnus vs Doc

Magnus got the win with a roll-up. D'Lo cheated throughout the match and he went to trip Magnus but ended up getting Doc instead. Magnus capitalized for the win. This was okay I guess but nothing special.

Bully threatened to beat in D'Lo's head with a hammer and they held him down. Bully then put D'Lo in charge of getting them beers and washing their bikes. They said D'Lo is now bumped down to an apprentice.
Kurt and Sting picked Magnus to be their partner and Hulk was unsure of it. Probably because he is under 40.

Aries and Roode were coming up with a plan that they said wouldn't work. Roode said Storm was the better man in Beer Money and Roode beat him for the title due to a fluke and due to only hitting him with a beer bottle. They also offered beer and wine to Storm.

#1 Contender to the TNA Tag Team Titles - James Storm is the Special Ref  - Bad Influence vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode
I have pretty high expectations for this. These two have been the best teams in the world so hopefully this is good.
Christi Hemme messed up the name order and introduced Bad Influence as Roode/Aries were coming out. They got up in her face and she laughed.

This went to a No-Contest when James Storm walked out. Fun match here. The heels were heeling it up. They did dual crotch shots and dual eye pokes. Aries spit beer at his opponents and they argued a lot with Storm. Good work too with tons of high flying and stooging. Daniels and Aries ended up getting superkicked by Storm at the end and he just said heck with it and left. There was a funny line where Taz said they needed a cat nip bowl of beer there for Storm so he could suck out of it during his 1-2-3 counts. Rating:***1/4

Ace's beat up Magnus backstage. They hit him with some kind of box and ran a cart with beer into him.

They did a promo for the returning Suicide.
They also did one for Chris Sabin.

Kenny King came out to talk.

King talked about how good he has been and brought out Chris Sabin.

King asked for Sabin's story and he told it.

King had Sabin hold his belt. He said it is the closest he will ever get to it. King said he would rain golden showers on Sabin next week. Sabin then said he would win the title next week. King asked for his belt back and Sabin wouldn't budge. King put his fingers in Sabin's head and Sabin decked him and chased him away.

James Storm was laid out backstage. Bad Influence, Aries and Roode were all back there.
They announced the return of the Bound for Glory series with the Gut Check winners all having a shot at getting a spot.

Bully said they need to get rid of the weak in Ace's. Knox asked if Bully had anything for D'Lo to do.
D'Lo's duty was to wash the bikes and get the beer cold so they can look for women.

Hogan was talking to someone on the phone and said he might have a partner. Angle and Sting couldn't wait and headed to the ring.

Ace's and 8's vs Sting, Kurt Angle and

They cut to Ace's as they were laid out in the back.

Abyss returned and got the win with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss was pretty uncoordinated in his spots and seemed off balance. I was surprised by the ending as I was totally thinking D'Lo Brown as it would have made sense. The match wasn't bad. Ace's was okay here and the crowd was into it but not that into the return of Abyss. Probably because Joseph Park is way better

Overall thoughts: I liked the tag match but that's really it. The ending angle didn't come off that great due to Abyss being off-balance, but it was surprising. The Kenny King promo was probably the second best thing on this show but it wasn't perfect.

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