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TNA Impact Wrestling 5/2/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 5/2/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Hulk called out Sting and said he was wrong. He made a big mistake in running Sting off and said he wanted to apologize for pushing Sting away.
Hulk said they shoulda stayed together and Sting said all is good and water under the bridge. Sting asked for a six man tag next week against Ace's and got it.,
Matt Morgan then came out, YAY. Hogan said there would be no more mistakes and hand outs in regards to him looking for someone to go against Bully Ray.
Hulk said it wouldn't be Sting or Morgan who gets a title shot. Then he said Sting and Morgan would fight for a title shot tonight. What?

Chris Sabin talked about his injuries and making a return. He looks like someone, but I can't figure out who.

Kurt Angle said he had an open challenge for Ace's and he wouldn't be stopped.

Chris Sabin vs. Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt - Winner gets an X title match

CIMA's Perfect Driver

Sabin won with CIMA's Perfect Driver which is a cross legged Michinoku Driver. The match was okay but short and not very interesting. It was just three guys doing moves without rhyme or reason. The TNA referee cam returned here.

Jesse and Robbie E were talking. Jesse said they needed help and got Joey Ryan was a partner. He said its easy when your sleazy.

Ace's was in the back. Bully Ray said he wasn't worried about Morgan or Sting. They said they wanted to get Angle though and D'Lo volunteered.

Rob Terry vs. Jessie Godderz & Robbie E & Joey Ryan

Rob Terry won with a standing spinebuster. Not an interesting match here minus Terry doing a double backdrop.

Roode said Bad Influence played their mind games last week and it worked by getting him to reform Fortune.
Aries said him and Roode barely like each other. Only enough to have a goal of winning.

Daniels said it was a plot and Roode/Aries were imitations.They announced a #1 Contenders match between the teams for next week. Kaz said Aries/Roode couldn't out beat us, out cheat us or out us us.
Chavo said they were tired of them talking and brought out James Storm, as he would be the special ref next week for that match.

"Now we have a drunk female ref in ODB and a drunk male ref." - Taz
Sting asked Angle if he was ready and said he needed some time with him.
Gail Kim was presumably mad at Taryn Terrell and her being knockout of the month, so she said she would show who the real knockout of the month is tonight.
Sabin said he's happy to be back and its been a long journey.

Kurt Angle vs. D-Lo Brown in an I Quit match

They tried to push that Kurt Angle was coming home, but believe me, Indiana, PA ain't Pittsburgh, PA and is far.

D'Lo said he needed to humiliate Angle and challenged him to an I Quit match.

We also got the infamous USA chant, with both guys being from USA.

Kurt Angle won with a grounded ankle lock. The match wasn't bad. D'Lo mostly got squashed here and at one point got nailed with like 5+ german suplexes which looked rough. Ace's came down and teased interefering but didn't.

Angle said this was just another battle with Ace's and called out AJ Styles.

Angle said AJ was the reason he came to TNA. Yeah right.

Angle told AJ the choice is yours next week and they said Angle wanted him in the 6 man next week.

Matt Morgan was asked if he was waiting and he talked about how mad and frustrated he was. I haven't understood this whole angle and truthfully, I don't care to know what he is pissed and frustrated about.

Matt Morgan on a PPV main event, yet alone a PPV, is no buys.

Taryn Terrell & Mickie James vs. Tara & Gail Kim

Taryn Terrell got the win with a roll-up. The match wasn't bad. Not great but perfectly fine. As usual with TNA, lots of pervo shots. I really liked Taryn's crossbody from the top. After the match, the heels beat up the faces and Gail Kim did the Bret Hart figure four around the ringpost spot on Taryn Terrell.

TNA One Night Only Joker's Wild is tomorrow night. They haven't even mentioned it up to this point so I will.If I can I will review it tomorrow, if not, definitely within the few days after. In another shameless plug there was also an ad for Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero. I will be reviewing that live here on Saturday.

Bully was mad at D'Lo for quitting and Garrett Bischoff made a remark with Bully saying even though he was a douche to you, don't be one to him. Bully chose his partners for next week.

Robert Roode guaranteed victory for next week.

Sting vs. Matt Morgan - winner gets a TNA title shot at Bully Ray

Sting won with a Scorpion Deathlock when Morgan passed out due to pain. The match was okay, mostly due to Sting but it wasn't great or anything. The highlight spot was Morgan doing a Brogue to Sting while he was jumping in the air.
Bully Ray stared Sting down after.

Overall thoughts: The show was eh. The women's match and the I Quit match were fine but hardly something you would need to go out and see. This wasn't a very interesting Impact and I wouldn't recommend it.

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