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TNA Impact Wrestling 5/16/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 5/16/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Hulk said he shocked at AJ walking away last week. Hogan said he didn't care if AJ joined Ace's or not and said Angle would keep chasing AJ.
He said AJ Styles would fight Kurt Angle at Slammiversary. He also said there would be a contract signing with Sting and Bully Ray tonight. Hulk wanted to call out Abyss and thank him.

Joseph Park came out instead. He didn't know where Abyss was either.

Devon said he wanted Abyss too, as did Ace's. They said it wasn't fair that he got in the match last week and pinned Devon.

Park challenged Devon for right now. Devon told him to prove himself.
D'Lo Brown then accepted the challenge instead.

A cameraman asked Storm about what happened last week and he said "watch, just watch".

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Bobby Roode

Roode won by DQ when Storm came in and spit beer in his face. The match wasn't special at all and didn't last long.

Kurt Angle said he wanted to beat up AJ now and told him to bring it on.

Mr. Anderson came out and said AJ was joining Ace's and 8's next week in a patching ceremony. He also told Kurt that he sounded like a girl. Kurt said he didn't want to wait to fight and decked Anderson. AJ came out, shook his head and hit an enzugiri on Kurt.

Jay Bradley says he's in OVW, living and breathing pro wrestling.

Christian York vs. Jay Bradley
This is part of a Gut Check tournament with the prize being a spot in the Bound for Glory Series.

Jay Bradley won with a lariat. Good match with a good pace to it. This wasn't super special but a fun 5 minute or so match. After the match, Bradley said this was the first step to winning the TNA title.

Storm said that Roode said there would be reprocussions.
D'Lo promised to beat park tonight.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

Mickie James said she wanted some of the spotlight before the match began. Brooke said it's Mickie vs Velvet next week.

Bully Ray said tonight would be a negotiation, not a signing. He said he wouldn't divorce Brooke.

Velvet Sky won with a surprise roll-up. Good match here. This was short but fun. Gail worked over Sky's knee and busted out a stretch muffler and a version of the sharpshooter with a leg. Sky sold well also. Very good stuff. Rating:***

 After the match, Gail worked Velvet's knee and put it around the post.

They aired a short package with Sabin and Kenny King. Sabin said King was the king of male strippers. King asked if he needed a crown since the belt didn't seem to be enough.

Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams for X title

Kenny King won with a Royal Flush. This was good and all action. Kenny's finisher looked good and really, everyone looked decent here.  The pace was really fast and I liked this one.
Daniels was worried that Hernandez was coming after him next and by the end they agreed that they had this.

Anderson and D'Lo talked. Anderson said things got out of control when D'Lo buried Wes and Garrett.

Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels

Hernandez won with a shoulder block. Storm walked down near the end and it distracted Daniels. Kaz interfered a bunch here but the match was good and entertaining. Daniels did a bunch of bumping around for Hernandez and Hernandez did his superman dive.

Storm said Hulk told him that at Slammiversary it would be Chavo and Hernandez vs Bad Influence vs Roode and Aries vs Storm and ?.

Joseph Park vs. D-Lo Brown

Joseph Park won with a Black Hole Slam. D'Lo got him bloody, he hulked up and won it. The match was mostly punches.

Bully Ray did his usual spiel talking about who he was. He dared Sting to come out.
Bully then called out Hulk.
Sting told Bully to break his arms, legs and goozle him. Because if Bully doesn't do it to him, he will do it to Bully. He said he would make Bully bleed in Boston.
Sting said he wanted a no holds barred match and Bully agreed. Bully said Sting would have to agree to never wrestle for the title again though in order to do this.
Sting agreed and they went at it to close the show. This was a pretty good closing segment with Sting really delivering his lines well.

Overall thoughts: The show was good. There was a lot of good wrestling and no Matt Morgan, so I enjoyed this one. Gail Kim was probably the wrestler of the night and I loved some of the knee holds she was busting out on Velvet Sky.

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