Friday, May 24, 2013

Sumo May Natsu Basho Day 13

Sumo May Natsu Basho Day 13

Makushita Division Championship - Osunaarashi (6-0) vs Akiseyama
Osunaarashi needs to win this to win the Makushita Division Title and the promotion to Juryo.
Osunaarashi wins! These two were all power and trying to push each other. Osuna had a nice strong grip and pushed up to get Akiseyama back and out! Osunaarashi is going to Juryo! Big win for Osuna here.

J10w    Takanoyama (6-6) vs  J5w     Nionoumi (5-7)
Takanoyama had another redo today so this is part 2.
Tak moved around a lot and actually too much as he was near the edge and Nio put him out. A shame because I think he could have won this.
J8e     Tochinowaka (8-4)  vs J14w    Homasho (8-4)

Tochino got the luckiest of lucky wins here. He was flopping all around and Homasho chased him and ended up slipping himself for the loss.

K1e     Tochiozan (5-7) vs M5e     Shohozan (6-6)
Shohozan came in aggressive and they exchanged slaps with Tochi getting on the edge and going out. Tochi gets a kachikoshi and a demotion.
O1e     Kisenosato (12-0) vs O1w     Kakuryu (10-2)
Kisen got an early grip, closed in, straightened Kaku and then pushed him out for an easy win.
O2w     Kotooshu (7-5) vs Y1w     Harumafuji (9-3)
Koto tried to go around Haruma, slipped and took an easy loss. For myself and JoshI, there is still hope that Koto could get a kachikoshi.
Y1e     Hakuho (12-0) vs O2e     Kotoshogiku (9-3)
Koto was aggressive here but Hakuho had this in control the whole way. He got a under girp early and when Koto pushed forward, he used that and a push down on his head to win.

Overall thoughts: Big Day today with Osunaarashi getting a huge win and Kisenosato and Hakuho staying untouched. Tommorow will be even bigger with Hakuho and Kisenosato fighting for the title!

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