Monday, May 13, 2013

Sumo May Natsu Basho 2013 Day 2

Sumo May Natsu Basho 2013 Day 2

J11e    Kizenryu (1-0) vs  J10w    Takanoyama (1-0)

Takanoyama won a very long 2:30 match. These two fought with their hands and both were trying to get control of the others wrist. They finally settled and Takanoyama got inside, under and started to do sweeps with his feet. He got Kizenryu uncomfortable and started pushing to get him out. This was a job well done by Takanoyama. Kizenryu has pretty good size and height.

J8e     Tochinowaka (1-0) vs  J9e     Wakakoyu (1-0)

Wakakoyu got under fast and pushed Tochinowaka on his chin to get the easy win.

M8e     Tokitenku (1-0) vs  M7w     Jokoryu (0-1)

Tokitenku got under Jokoryu early and Jokoru couldn't get out of his grip. If you can get your shoulder under another wrestler's chin, the win is usually certain.

BONUS - Shohozan vs Takekaze

Shohozan slipped off the tachi-ai for the Tazkekaze win.

M2w Tochinoshin (0-1) vs  S1w Baruto (1-0)

Baruto got under Tochi and did a great throw to put him out.

O1e     Kisenosato (1-0) vs  M2e     Kitataiki (0-1)

Kisen trapped Kita's left arm early and used it to win. Kita tried hard not to get out but it was useless.

S1e     Goeido (1-0) vs  O2w     Kotooshu (1-0)

Kotooshu got the win here. Goeido went under but didn't have the strength to deal with Kotooshu. He almost got a side throw in but Kotooshu stopped it and pushed him. Good effort by Goeido.

O2e  Kotoshogiku (1-0) vs K1w  Okinoumi (0-1)

Koto got under and pushed aggressively to get the win quick.

K1e     Tochiozan (0-1) vs  O1w     Kakuryu (1-0)

Kakuryu lucked out here to get the win. He was throwing thrusts wildly and went all around the ring, almost going out. He somehow got Tochiozan near the end to win.

Y1e     Hakuho (1-0)  vs  M1w     Aminishiki (0-1)

Ami got in too far and Hakuho slapped him multiple times to take it.

M1e     Myogiryu (0-1) vs Y1w     Harumafuji (1-0)

Myogiryu wins! Big upset here. Harumafuji was off balance from the start. He recovered but went off to the side and ran out of room for the Myogiryu win!

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 Overall thoughts: It was a fun day of sumo with a big upset!


  1. I've caught the first two days but will probably have limited opportunities to watch the next several days.

    Here's a little league version of Takanoyama vs Big Fat Guy, from the bottom of Jonidan (Oshio vs Tomiyama).

    1. I didn't know they allowed 10 year olds in sumo.

      I would have to retire if I were Tomiyama after that. That was embarrassing. He deserves to clean a toilet or two after that defeat.