Monday, May 13, 2013

ROH Border Wars 2013 Results and Review

ROH Border Wars 2013 Results and Review

I reviewed the rest of the ROH Border Wars 2013 card here:

Tadarius Thomas and ACH vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

C&C won at about 12 minutes with a Coleman frogsplash. This was a great action packed match. Everyone was pretty awesome here, the crowd thought so too with multiple "This is Awesome" chants. TD hit some awesome kicks, Coleman did some new stuff and TD did his Flying Space Tiger Driver. This was a semi-dream match for me and I really enjoyed this. I wish it had been the main event and gotten about 5 more minutes, but this left me wanting more and worked out fine. This is really good stuff and worth a look, because there four are the future right here. Rating:***1/2

Taiji Ishimori vs Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards won with a cross-legged falcon arrow/Perfect Driver. Good match but little story or anything to it. It was all action and moves for the most part and I thought they did way too much for an undercard match. The crowd loved it and it was fine. Rating:***

ROH Television Title - Matt Taven vs Mark Briscoe

Matt Taven beat Mark Briscoe with a roll-up with the tights after a lesbian distraction from the Hoopla Hotties. This one wasn't that good. They didn't mesh as well as I thought and there was too much shenanigans from Truth and crew which brought me out of it. The distraction was pretty wild and sadly may have been the highlight of the match.

Paul London vs Davey Richards
This was London's return to ROH after 10 years and I thought it was the wrong time for it. There was no build at all to this and I thought they wasted a big moment.

Davey Richards gives Paul London a concussion with a top rope footstomp onto Paul London's face.

Davey Richards beat Paul London when Richards put his knees up during a SSP. Davey Richards concussed Paul London near the end of this with a double footstomp to his face. It was a dumb spot and Paul ended up getting injured from it. Davey, being the pure genius that he is, decided that it was a good idea to grab him by the head, risking further injury. The injury was the key thing here as everyone knew London was not okay and really it should have been stopped. I thought London going for the SSP after being knocked out was a dumb idea and he was lucky nothing worse happened from it. Up to that point, the match was okay to good. London was good but the crowd was newer to ROH because they weren't terribly into London. London and Davey didn't gel that well though. I don't know what it was but Davey was trying to be something else than his spot-fu and no-selling stuff and he mostly failed. His attempts at being a heel were total amateur hour attempts. London looked good though and still would probably the best guy on the ROH roster.

ROH World Title - Jay Briscoe vs Adam Cole

Jay Briscoe won with the Jay Driller. I didn't like this one. I didn't think it would work out that well and it really didn't. The crowd wasn't very into it either and that top rope german spot was pretty much pointless. I also didn't care much for the Nigel/Corino stuff or the ref bump. This was definitely not up to ROH main event standards.
Overall thoughts:
The show was good overall but it had a lot of misses to it and was flawed. Still, there were some good matches and moments.

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  1. I think your rating of Edwards vs Ishimori is too low. Of course there's no story, because it's just ROH vs NOAH, something fresh in ring action.