Friday, May 17, 2013

My WWE release list

My WWE release list

With WWE releasing multiple wrestlers today, I decided to pick 5 people that I would have released instead.

Conor O'Brian - O'Brian has been around the WWE developmental system since 2005 and still has not made it to the main roster. That should tell you from the start what we are dealing with here. It's 2013, 8 years later, and he has still not shown anything worthy of being on the main roster. He is big and that is all he has going for him. WWE has multiple big wrestlers and I can never understand why this guy gets a push since he has no abilities whatsoever.

Bo Dallas - Take away his membership from the lucky sperm club and he offers very little. He isn't a good wrestler, his promos are awful, his character is completely unbelievable and he is pretty small with no physique. He has none of the traits one would look for in a wrestler aside from being appealing looks wise for some women and even for WWE, he really doesn't have much to offer. His constant push is baffling and I just don't see any future in him.

Brodus Clay - The Funkasaurus oughta be known as the Suckasaurus because he really does suck. He's been in the WWE system since 2006 and he has yet to have one good match in over 7 years. Brodus is really not that over either and due to his size, almost always wins. They've spent a fortune on his entrance with weekly fireworks and I just don't see where the WWE gets their money back. I currently think he is the second worst wrestler in the WWE, next to The Great Khali.

JTG - His peak was in Cryme Tyme and that was many years ago. Whatever charisma he had then is gone. His matches are nothing to take notice of and I'm not really seeing anything on the interview end. His best days are behind him and releasing him would do no harm to the WWE.

Rosa Mendes - As much as I hate to say it, I wanted to pick a female, and she was by far the best choice. Bad matches? Check. Lack of promo ability? Check. No hope of improvement? Check. Rosa is little more than a bonafide ring girl. While I do enjoy her dancing, I don't think it is worth the $60,000-$90,000+ contract she receives each year.

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  1. 60,000-90,000 contract ?!?!?! HOLY SHIT ! WHAT F*CKING FOR ?!!! SHE'S THE WORST !!!

    wwe are stupid.