Friday, May 17, 2013

WWE Releases Multiple Wrestlers

WWE has released many wrestlers today. These wrestlers are:
-  Brandon Traven
-  Audrey Marie
-  Sakamoto
-  Derrick Bateman
-  Briley Pierce
-  Percy Watson
-  Anya

Here are my thoughts on the releases:

- Brandon Traven - He was on NXT A few times and mostly just got squashed. He didn't stand out and the only notable thing about him was that he looked like Bobby Roode

- Audrey Marie - She was involved in an angle on NXT recently but it ended up mostly going nowhere. She was revealed to be a secret admirer of Sasha Banks. I think they had one match and that was the end of it for the most part. She wasn't special or impressive and really, wasn't even that great looking compared to the other divas. She's no loss.

- Sakamoto - Sakamoto main evented shows in Japan, a few of which I was at. His WWE career highlight was being Tensai's stooge. After that, he was on NXT. He didn't need to be on NXT and was already better than most of the roster. However, he was Japanese and WWE already has a Japanese person. He didn't speak much English as far as I know and I'm sure that didn't help him. Honestly, going back to Japan is a fine move for him. He will be still be a main eventer for the smaller promotions and he will be worth a little bit more now to different promotions since he was in the WWE. He actually had a match on this week's NXT along with Briley Pierce, who was also cut.

- Derrick Bateman - I didn't watch NXT Redemption so I missed a lot of his best stuff. He seems to have quite a fan base online and I always read that he did a good job. Judging from his once in a while WWE matches, he didn't really stand out, but, he wasn't in a position to. I think he suffered from the fact that I don't think anyone, even Vince, watched NXT.

- Briley Pierce - I only saw him a few times but he was in shape and is Dolph Ziggler's brother. He looked fine on the NXT matches he had so I don't really understand this cut. I figured he would have been around longer. He had been in developmental a while but I guess they weren't impressed.

- Percy Watson - He probably deserved better. I think he could have been an okay midcard wrestler. He had some charisma and his glasses were memorable but I guess WWE just gave up on him. He had been with WWE since 2009 and was on the second season of NXT.

- Anya - I never saw her as she never debuted on WWE TV. She was a Russian kickboxer before WWE and probably will go back to being one. I think she would have been too similar to Aksana if she had more oppurtunities.

Out of all of these, I would have kept around Sakamoto first, because no matter what, when it came down to wrestle, he could do it. I probably would have picked Percy Watson next and if I had seen more Bateman, he might have had Percy's spot. I only saw little of Pierce but he would have been next with the diva's and Traven at the end of the list.

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  1. bateman was the most charismatic and legitemately funny guy in wwe's history from all of what I saw from him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    am I being hyperbolic and exaggerating him ? NO ! I'M SUPER SERIOUS !

    he would've freakin' became the next rock or john cena (but actually funny) if they kept him ! it's a pity what happened here ...