Thursday, May 16, 2013

BJW 3/30/2013 and BJW 4/10/2013

BJW 3/30/2013

I'll be doing selected matches from this show.

Jun Kasai and Jaki Numazawa vs The Brahman Brothers

Jaki Numazawa won with a Banzai Splash. The Brahman's aren't from Earth. I don't know which planet they are from, but it's not from around here. Everytime I see these two, I think I've seen it all. Then, they do something more odd. Today. they tried to use dog food as a weapon. Yes, dog food. One of the Brahman's ended up getting it poured on his head and by the end his face was covered in it. The Brahman's also threw some dark liquid into the crowd, soiling everyone in the first few rows and themselves. In another odd spot, they kept propping up each other to get leverage by sticking cane's up each others butts. This was wild and quite entertaining. If Vince ever see's these guys, I guarantee, they will be WWE employees for life.

Deathmatch Survivor Block B Final - Masashi Takeda vs Isami Kodaka

Isami Kodaka beat Masashi Takeda with a superkick to the face. Good match. They did a little bit of everything. They did some comedy, tough guy spots, some flying, lots of violence and lots of blood. I swear, they were even bleeding before this started. I did think Takeda's swanton onto the glass was dumb but it is BJPW. Rating:***

Deathmatch Survivor Block A Final - Ryuji Ito vs Yuko Miyamoto

Ryuji Ito won with a Dragon Splash through light tubes. Good match here. They sold most of the stuff and both made this look like a war. I loved the elbow exchange and overall they made this more of a complete match than a match that was made to shock. Both men got pretty bloody with Miyamoto really bleeding a ton. Rating:***1/4

BJW 4/10/2013 - 2/3 Falls Deathmatch Survivor Final - Ryuji Ito vs Isami Kodaka

Ito took the first fall with a top rope dragon splash on a ladder at 14:56.

Isami got the second with a superkick.

Ryuji Ito beat Isami Kodaka with a dragon splash off of a ladder. This was a pretty wild match but I didn't get that into it. It just went too long and it was hard to get a good view of it since the arena was so dark. Some of the bigger spots included mutiple dives off ladders, Isami getting hit in the head with a concrete block and Isami taking some bumps on nails. Rating:***

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