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WBC, WBA and Ring Light Middleweight Titles - Saul Alvarez vs Austin Trout

WBC, WBA and Ring Light Middleweight Titles - Saul Alvarez vs Austin Trout

Saul Alvarez is 41-0 and the WBC Light Middleweight Champion and Austin Trout is 26-0 and WBA Light Middleweight Champion. Somebodies 0 must go!
Saul Alvarez said he was motivated and had to be responsible to win for the all the people who wanted him to win.
Trout said he was hoping his amateur and recent fights would help him win.

Omar Figueroa vs Abner Cotto

Round 1:
Omar Figueroa won by KO in the 1st round. He knocked Cotto down twice to take the fight easy. This was total domination.

Omar Figueroa said he would go back to his family and take a break and see what is next.

WBC, WBA and Ring Light Middleweight Titles - Saul Alvarez vs Austin Trout
Mario Lopez aka AC Slater is in the house.
There is monster heat for this one.
Round 1:
Alvarez got a little in towards the end but got jabbed most of the round. 10-9 Trout.

Round 2:
10-9 Alvarez here. He got some nice combo's in and looked strong controlling things.

Round 3:
Very tight one here. I have no idea on this one but I'm thinking 10-9 Trout.

Round 4:
Another tight one but Canelo got some better shots in for 10-9 Alvarez.

Round 5:
10-9 Trout. Close one here but Trout closed it strong.

Round 6:
10-9 Trout. He brought the heat here to look strong.

Round 7:
10-9 Alvarez as he knocked Trout down with a right.

Round 8:
Trout was busier and controlled things for 10-9 Trout.

Round 9:

 Canelo showboated and stuff and Trout missed a bunch but Canelo didn't throw much. 10-9 Alvarez though due to defense.

Round 10:
 One judge has Canelo up 9 rounds. Trout is done already without a Ko.
10-9 Trout as he owned this one.

Round 11:

10-9 Trout. He controlled the end of the fight and got more in. It was close though.

Round 12:
10-9 Alvarez. He was just better this round and had good defense.

115-113 Trout. I had this 7 rounds to 5 for Trout, but the judges didn't and it doesn't matter. It was a super close fight even if my scores don't show it. Very even match here but Trout threw more, hit more and was the more active fighter.

115-112, 116-111, 118-109 for Alvarez. The last judge must have been watching a different fight and the first two weren't a ton better, but it was close. A couple of rounds could have gone either way and I'll give up to 3, but no more. However, due to this audience, Trout was going to have a harder time.
Alvarez said he did it for his brother, he wants to fight Mayweather and Viva Mexico. Trout said Alvarez was the better fighter and he will be back.
He says he learns more from his losses than his wins. He said Trout moved and boxed better and they prepared for a different fighter. He said he pressed the action more due to open scoring and said he wants another shot.
Steve Farhood said he was surprised by giving the fight to Canelo and due to him slipping punches, he got it. Paulie Malignaggi agreed with Steve and said Canelo had better shots. Al said one of the rounds was even and said Trout's activity won him some of the rounds.

Overall, this was a good fight. Not a classic, but good boxing and a very close match. I'd watch a rematch and I think Trout deserved a lot more points on the score cards. I can totally understand him having him lose and have no qualms about that.

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