Saturday, April 27, 2013

WBC Middleweight Championship - Sergio Martinez vs Martin Murray

WBC Middleweight Championship - Sergio Martinez vs Martin Murray

Round 1

10-9 Martinez. He was a little more aggressive and got more in.

Round 2

10-9 Martinez. He was more aggressive here and Murray didn't do much.

Round 3

Another 10-9 for Martinez. His guard was down and he was dogging Murry for a shot and getting stuff in.

Round 4

10-9 Murray as he was better here.

Round 5

10-9 Murray as he got more shots in and looked better.

Round 6

10-9 Murray. He got some clean shots in and a few combos.

Round 7

I have no idea on this round as my internet went out. My apologies but it is out of my control. Martinez took a headbutt and a shoulder here though.

Round 8

10-9 Murray as he knocked down Martinez here to take the round.

Round 9
This was another close one but I am slightly going with 10-9 Martinez. Murray wasn't aggressive enough and took some shots.

Round 10

Murray got a knockdown that was ruled a slip here and tons of combos for the 10-9.

Round 11
10-9 Martinez as he got some shots in and Murray didn't do too much.

Round 12

10-9 Martinez. They split the roung but Martinez got the better of it.

I had atleast 6 rounds for Martinez. The problem is I don't know what happened in the missing round. Therefore Martinez is going to barely take this one on my card.

The scores were 115-112 on all three for Sergio Martinez.
I have no problem with Martinez winning but I think by 3 rounds was too much. 2 was fine but this was close. Murray definitely could have had this and had that slip been ruled a knockdown I think he would have. Sucks to be Murray as he won most of the fight and looked good but Martinez was the hometown boy and Murray didn't perform well enough in the last two rounds. I didn't think Martinez looked that good and he looked like a very flawed fighter.

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