Saturday, April 27, 2013

WBA/WBC/The Ring Super Lightweight Championship - Zab Judah vs Danny Garcia

WBA/WBC/The Ring Super Lightweight Championship - Zab Judah vs Danny Garcia

Round 1

 10-9 Garcia as he had all the shots here and Zab didn't do much.

Round 2

10-9 Judah. Judah picked it up here a little and looked good near the end.

Round 3

10-9 Judah. Not a lot happened here but near the end Zab got some good shots in.

Round 4

10-9 Garcia. Good job here and he got some combos in the beginning.

Round 5

Big round for Garcia. He got Zab wobbly and hits tons of shots and combos and almost went for the kill. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 6

 10-9 Garcia in another big round for him.

Round 7

10-9 Garcia. He got some shots in and was hitting Zab in the stomach.

Round 8

10-9 Garcia as he floored Zab in the middle of the round.

Round 9

Not much happened here but Garcia got a little more in for the 10-9.

Round 10

10-9 Judah. Strong round here as he hit power shots and made a huge comeback. He even had Garcia hurt a little.

Round 11

Very tight round here with Zab making another late comeback. Danny had more though in the beginning for the 10-9.

Round 12

Hard round here with both guys going hard. Zab put Garcia in a guillotine choke at one point. I'll go 10-9 Garcia.

I had 9 rounds for Garcia and 3 for Judah. Judah recovered and looked great near the end but he got beaten early and knocked down so it wasn't enough.

The score was 115-112, 115-112 and 116-11 for Danny Garcia.

Garcia talked about having to beat Zab in his hometown. He said Judah is the most craftiest and strongest fighter. He said Zab took away his jab and he respects Zab now.

Zab said you win some and lose some and Danny was a great fighter. He said he'd come back and asked the crowd if they wanted him back, which they cheered.

The fight was very good. Zab came alive in the later rounds and might have stolen this if it came sooner. It was a good performance but Garcia was solid the whole fight and controlled things. This is definitely worth a look and was fun to watch.

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