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Ring of Honor TV 4/6/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 4/6/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

SCUM is banned from the building.

Adam Page and Mike Sydal vs ACH and Tadarius Thomas

It actually did hit, though this pic would tell you otherwise.
The finish
ACH beat Mike Sydal with a bearhug into a DDT. Good match here with a quick pace. This was the Mike Sydal show and he looked really good. He appears to be another one a long the lines of Adam Cole and Matt Taven who will be a good face. Sydal's matrix moves looked really cool. No one else really got that much time but I'd rather leave a match wanting more than wanting less.

Truth Martini came in and asked MsChif to be a Hoopla Hottie. She said no. Truth's Hoopla Hottie in blue said, "Baby, don't be upset" and Truth said, "Guess what? You're the fourth person in the match". The Hottie then started crying and Truth grabbed her tear and put it in his mouth.

Charlie Haas didn't get why he had to be here pimping Supercard of Honor, which had already happened as of this airing. He said he'd rather be drinking and told everyone to kiss his ass. In case you didn't know, Charlie Haas quit ROH last weekend so unfortunately this is probably it for him. I think it's a shame as Haas has been the most entertaining guy on the roster for the last few weeks. It also means we will never get a Charlie Haas vs Brendell Cheeseburger match which disappoints me. I wasn't a huge Charlie Haas fan until he started his heels singles run in ROH, but I will miss him. Atleast he went out properly on tv, by telling everyone to kiss his ass. That's the Charlie Haas I like.

MsChif vs Athena vs Cherry Bomb vs Scarlet Bordeaux
Veda Scott said she was shaken up but okay.

The finish
Athena beat Cherry Bomb with the O-Face. Good but short match here. It was all action with Athena doing about 3 handstands in the little time they had. Scarlet was booked to look like a total wrestling novice and was scared to even get in the ring. Cherry Bomb mostly took offense and MsChif didn't get to do too much. This really needed double the time it had. MsChif took her first ROH loss since her return and Veda Scott questioned her on it.
MsChif wasn't saying anything and Veda Scott grabbed her as she tried to leave. MsChif then hit the green mist on Veda Scott. The ref's came out for Veda and put some towels over her face. I didn't mind the angle but if you are going to green mist someone, show the after effects of it!  You gotta show that person with the mist all over them. I also think they should have had Veda take her glasses off for this as glasses should protect most of the mist from getting into your eyes.

Inside Ring of Honor
Again, this one was taped when Kevin Kelly had a flu or something as his voice was odd here.
Red Dragon didn't say much, just that Rocky Romero had some bad luck and that Forever Hooligans will run into Forever Champions.

That was the end of Inside ROH. No complaints here since I think it is usually a waste of time anyway.

Pepper Parks vs Roderick Strong
Pepper Parks used to have long red hair though it looks like he shaved it all off.
Strong won in a quick squash with a Stronghold. Parks didn't look bad here and the announcers pushed that Strong has been having some bad luck and is on the comeback trail.

ROH Tag Titles - Redragon vs Forever Hooliganz
Red Dragon is being spelled Redragon here. Note to Fish and Kyle, JUST CALL YOURSELF RED DRAGON. NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO SPELL IT THE WAY YOU DO.

Red Dragon got the win with Chasing the Dragon. The match was okay but not that interesting. It was just a bunch of different moves and the comedic Hooliganz clashed with the serious Dragons. I'm still not sold on Fish and Kyle and all they really feel like is a lesser heel version of the American Wolves, who I don't really like either. The match went way too long and the crowd wasn't really there either.

Overall thoughts: The crowd was sparse and didn't care and it kind of blew the show. The first three matches didn't get enough time while the main got too much and they kinda screwed up the Veda Scott segment. We also had to pretend Supercard of Honor didn't happen yet nor did Haas' firing and other things. The show had good wrestling and all of the matches were decent but there were issues all around. No mention of SCUM, Steen, The Briscoes, Hardy, Cole or a bunch of other wrestlers either which was odd. I'd say watch the first half of the show and skip the second.

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  1. First 3 matches could be longer because they were good, but they gave much time for main event which was also good. Well, don't forget that ROH has only 45-50 minutes of show.
    I think all 4 matches were good and can be recommended to watch. Athena's O Face - something beautiful :)