Sunday, April 28, 2013

Amir Khan vs Julio Diaz

Amir Khan vs Julio Diaz

Round 1
Diaz didn't get any shots in and offered nothing so 10-9 Khan.

Round 2
10-9 Khan as he jabbed  Diaz a lot and Diaz didn't give back much.

Round 3

10-9 Diaz. He got some shots in and even rocked Khan a little in the end.

Round 4

10-9 Diaz as he got a knockdown.

Round 5

10-9 Khan. Khan got a lot of shots in and Diaz couldn't follow up much. Khan hit some combos as well.

Round 6

10-9 Khan. Khan was faster and hit a lot of shots while Diaz again had little to offer.

Round 7

 10-9 Khan. Close round with both men getting nice shots but Khan always had more.

Round 8

10-9 Diaz. Great round here with Diaz throwing bombs.

Round 9

10-9 Khan. He got some great combo's in and avoided key shots.

Round 10

10-9 Diaz. Good round by him and he threw more big bombs.

Round 11

Khan got punished here and knocked around. 10-9 Diaz.

Round 12

 10-9 Khan. Diaz tried but it wasn't enough.

Scores were 114-113, 115-113 and 115-112 for Amir Khan. I had it 115-112 myself.
Khan said Diaz gave him a great fight and was strong. He said the knockdown was when he was off balance.
Khan's manager said his opponent was tough and said Khan was tripped and hit on his knockdown.

Diaz said he gave up too many rounds.

Amir's promoter said Amir would have a title fight in December.

Overall thoughts: Great fight here. Diaz brought it and looked awesome. I'd love to see him again. He threw some huge bombs and almost got the upset. Khan got some things to work on and it didn't make him look that great.

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