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Zero-1 CHANGE THE WORLD 2/3/2013

Zero-1 CHANGE THE WORLD 2/3/2013

Zero-1 should probably call it a day unfortunately. I do like the promotion and their wrestling is good but when you have Sabu, Onita, KENSO, Akebono, Sekimoto plus others and you still can't sell out or fill up Korakuen, it is time. I feel bad for them but Japan just doesn't have the interest in Z1.

Kazuki Hashimoto vs Shinjiro Ohtani
橋本 和樹 vs 大谷晋二郎
The finish
Shinjiro Ohtani beat Kazuki Hashimoto with a ground sleeper in 8:12. Great match here. Both guys were stiff and Kazuki did everything he could to annoy Ohtani and paid for it. The dragon suplexes were pretty nasty and Ohtani threw some awesome strikes. This was so much fun. Rating:***1/2

KENSO vs Ryouji Sai
KENSO vs 崔領二
KENSO won with a jumping and running knee while Sai was on his knees. Sai was good, KENSO wasn't bad, but KENSO is limited and there is only so much he knows how to do. The crowd was into it atleast and KENSO hit some decent chest slaps. Not too much to say besides that. Rating:***

Remember the "F" - FMW Tribute Match - Atsushi Onita, Sabu and Masato Tanaka vs Leatherface, Bad Boy Hido and Kintaro Kanemura
I haven't seen Kanemura in years since he got in trouble for sexually harassing an office worker. Kanemura was always good though and willing to do whatever. Him and Tanaka are both underrated guys, but once Tanaka got on steroids, NJPW finally noticed him. Of course they stick him in the undercard still due to having that "FMW stench".
I'm pretty sure this is a fake Leatherface

The finish
Sabu won for his team with a moonsault. Not good at all here. It was a bunch of guys doing spots that they shouldn't or can't do and it stunk. Not a real interesting one here and basically a waste of time.

NWA Intercontinental Tag Titles - Daisuke Sekimoto and Akebono vs Zeus and Kohei Sato
Akebono got the win with a very bad top rope splash on Sato. Not a good one here. It went long for the sake of it. It was slow as well and just never picked up. Instead of relying on Sekimoto to carry the load, they went with Zeus and Zeus is just kind of average. The trick would have been to have Akebono get tossed around and stuff but they never went that route.
Overall thoughts: This was a mixed bag. They had the stars but the same stars also couldn't perform. Skip it.

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