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WWE Superstars 3/2/2013 Review

WWE Superstars 3/2/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

"Mr. Chinlock" Tony Dawson and Matt Striker are your announcers.
Brodus Clay and Tensai vs Primo and Epico
Tensai has new gear and it looks pretty bad. Looks like something one would find that could double for their grandmother's swim wear.
According to Tony Dawson, Primo said that they find Tensai and Clay's dancing "offensive" and "silly".
 Matt Striker called Tensai "Big T". Not sure if they are switching his name from "Sweet T" or it was an error.
"Looks like Cameron and Naomi are wearing Billy Gunn's gear. Someone needs to tell him about that." - Matt Striker
The Dancing Bears got the win with a double splash. It wasn't that bad I guess, but it was a squash and the result was never in doubt. It was a waste for three of the guys in the ring. I'll tell you though, Primo, Epico and Clay appear more regularly on Superstars than anyone else.

Kofi Kingston vs David Otunga
Poor Kofi. Did he do something to piss someone off?
"Kofi Kingston is a huge video game nut. He lobves Angry Birds. David Otunga is actually heading a class action lawsuit because he feels they help form Attention Deficit Disorder in today's youth. The two started arguing in the locker room and a pull apart came about." - Matt Striker
"The question is the weakness of David's knees and ankles."  - Matt Striker
Kofi Kingston got the win with the Trouble in Paradise kick. Nothing bad or good here. It was a match and it was okay for what it was, but not must see by any means.

Overall thoughts: Neither match was bad but neither match was great either. Skip this one.

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