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WWE Monday Night Raw 3/18/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 3/18/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

More pics and gifs will be up tomorrow. I'm too beat tonight.

I don't know what all we are really getting tonight. Brock Lesnar will respond to Triple H and probably get into a fight with him. Big Show might also do something to Ryback to get his spot back in the 6-man.

John Cena came out.
He talked about fans being on Cena's and Rock's sides and pointed out the sign shown in the crowd.

The PTP's came out. Titus O'Neil said he was Pancake Patterson. Cena suggested Titus go to the doctors for his double personality. Pancake Patterson said Darren Young was his nephew.
Patterson said Young looked like John Cena. He said Darren Young should be on the cover of Cocoa Pebbles since Cena was on the cover of Fruity Pebbles. Patterson also said there should be washrags sold for the PTP's.
The PTP's said they were ready for Wrestlemania and John Cena challenged Darren Young.

John Cena won in a minute, minus the commercials with a AA. This was weird and a waste of time.

Ryback vs David Otunga
Ryback won in no time in a squash with the Shellshock. Another waste of time.

Ryback said when he crosses paths with Mark Henry again, it will be feeding time.
Mark Henry tried to come out. Vickie said she was taking Ryback out of the 6-man tag at Wrestlemania and making him fight Mark Henry. Whoopie.
Ryback then Shellshocked Otunga just cause, and told Henry that this will be him.

Fandango vs The Great Khali

They said Fandango debuts tonight. I don't believe it until the bell rings. They gave him a heck of an entrance with lights and a long intro.
Fandango tried to get Natalya to say his name. She said "FandangoKhaligethim". Fandango then left and didn't wrestle. The fans then chanted "You can't wrestle". He can. But "You won't wrestle" is more fitting.

Damien Sandow vs R-Truth
He called R-Truth repugnant. Truth said,
"Your beard is weird and you talk alot. I got four sweet words for you - you talk alot. Cole said Damien Sandow was a honorary Kentucky Colonel.

Damien Sandow walked out for the CO. The match wasn't much and it was what you would expect with Sandow getting most of the offense.

The Bella Twins were with Cody Rhodes. Kaitlyn walked in and said they couldn't hang out and then said she didn't want to hang out with hims anymore.

The Undertaker came out and said he would beat CM Punk at Wrestlemania. He said the only way Punk can save his soul is by returning the urn. This brought out Punk who was playing with the urn backstage. He flipped it around and dropped it. CM Punk also mocked Paul Bearer's "Ohhh Yess".

Team Hell No vs Primo and Epico
Kane won with a chokeslam. AJ came down during it and tried to distract Kane, but it didn't work. The match wasn't that great. Rosa Mendes was the highlight as she did a lot of booty shaking.

Jericho and Fandango had a meeting backstage during a Jericho promo. He called Fandango - FanDurango. Fandango called him Christopher and said he would learn to say his name right. Jericho told him not to go as he didn't get his movie tickets yet.

Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes
Alberto Del Rio has new music. The new song has more of a rhythm to it with a little salsa I guess. The intro with the horns is gone.
They chanted USA and booed Alberto. We don't have a lot of hispanic people here so that issue isn't really a big one here. Statisically it would seem that we do, but we have more

Alberto Del Rio won with an armbar. Very good match here with it getting alot of time and both guys getting to bust out some different stuff like Cody's moonsault. I liked how Cody worked the leg here and I liked the super gordbuster from Del Rio. Good stuff here. Rating:***1/4
 After the match, Jack Swagger attacked. He threw Del Rio into the steps and over a table. Then he attacked Ricardo and put him in the Patriot Act. They sold it like he broke Ricardo's ankle.
Ricardo was then stretchered out.

Booker T was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame.
"Hulk Hogan, we comin' for you nigga." - Booker T

3MB vs Sheamus and Randy Orton
They brought up Danno O'Mahoney when talking about famous Irish wrestlers. Danno was a huge deal
Sheamus and Orton won in this squash easy. It went too long though and was a waste of time. The Shield came down, but Big Show came down also and prevented them from attacking.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

Kofi went for a dive or a move on the apron and Big E clipped him.
Dolph got the win with a zigzag. The match was okay but heatless which really brought it down. Kofi took a nasty bump off the clip from Big E.
Hell No came out. They said Zig made Hell No get on the same page and said that they saw what Big E Langston can do outside of the ring, but now they want to see what he can do inside of the ring. They made the challenge for Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston for Wrestlemania. AJ said she would accept if the tag titles were on the line.

Intercontinental Title - Wade Barrett vs The Miz vs Chris Jericho
Wade Barrett got the win by rolling up Miz, when Miz tried to pin Jericho. The match was good but nothing too special. The crowd was pretty dead and they didn't pull out anything different than usual.

Triple H/Brock Lesnar contract signing
They announced the Triple H vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania match would be No Holds Barred with Triple H's career on the line. It took a long time to get to that point with Triple H beating up Paul Heyman first. Paul teased having Stephanie McMahon on the line as the stipulation, but Paul said it wouldn't be a good prize. This made Triple H mad and he busted open Heyman. Brock eventually came out with a chair but Triple H brought the sledgehammer out and they didn't fight.

Overall thoughts: This was a long 3 hour show in front of the usually dead Pittsburgh crowd. The ADR/Cody Rhodes match was my favorite thing on the show next to Titus O'Neil pretending to be Pancake Patterson. Other than that, there wasn't much here. The show was loaded with squash matches as well. Skip this one.

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