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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 3/8/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 3/8/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Welcome to my Friday Night Smackdown Review for 3/8/2013. Stay tuned tonight and tommorow for WWE Superstars 3/8/2013, WWE Saturday Morning Slam 3/8/2013 and Ring of Honor TV 3/9/2013.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter came down to talk:
Zeb said he wanted to write a new Bill of Rights for legal citizens and they both said they had enough. Naturally, Alberto Del Rio came down.
Alberto and Ricardo they dressed up like Swagger and Zeb and mocked their video.
"It's about a threat, messing with us everyday in Jack Swagger's America. I'm talking about Mexican food. I know you think it's delicious, but that's what they want you to think .We are saying it's a plot against America.When you walk into a mexican restaurant, be careful, because our real American bellies can't take that food. You can't rule the world when you can't leave the bathroom." - Ricardo
This was pretty dumb. Funny to see them dress up I guess but the countered stereotypes by using other stereotypes against them. It was pretty forced too.

Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre vs Team Hell No
DB got the win with the No Lock, which Cole called the Yes Lock. The match was short and it was what it was really. Not too bad though and I liked the suplex Drew took.
Dolph promised to make history tonight and said the fans chose him to fight Alberto because they wanted to see a show stealing match.

Ryback and Mark Henry had a staredown.

Ryback vs Damien Sandow

Brad Maddox came down
He said Ryback was the man that the Theory of Evolution forgot.
"Can we get some more security out here?" - Maddox
"For what?" - Cole
"For me." - Maddox
"Yeah, why don't they take you away? You're not even supposed to be out here." - Cole
Ryback won in a quick squash here with the Shellshock. Not so much to say here as the ending and match was obvious.

Show said he doesn't pick sides and he knocks out who gets in his way. He blamed Sheamus and Orton for the melee with The Shield.

"That's my answer for all of them. Do I need anything else?" - Big Show
Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Zigger
"His name is Big E. It stands for Big Enormous Langston." - Maddox
AJ and Big E got kicked out for Ricardo throwing water on them. Yeah. I guess the idea was that AJ got in ring so they threw her out for that.
"Come on, Dolphin." - Maddox
"Dolphin?" - Cole
"Michael, remind me to fire you when we get back to Monday. And Josh, remind me to promote you to assistant commentator." - Maddox, a minute later
Alberto Del Rio won with the armbar. Good second half of the match here but AJ and Ricardo pretty much threw me off from the match. Zig sold well, Maddox was funny on commentary, but it seemed that the match was only secondary to the other stuff going on. The crowd was into this though so it had nice heat.
"What happened to you? You look like a Shetland pony." - Daniel Bryan
They had an argument. AJ accused of him of still being mad about standing him up at the altar. GEE, I WONDER WHY HE MIGHT HAVE HARD FEELINGS OVER THAT. Then, AJ talked about how she was happy she would be eventually with the World Champion, when Dolph cashes in the briefcase. DB said he cashed his in and AJ said he lost it in 18 seconds. DB said Dolph only lasts 18 seconds in bed to close the segment.

Yoshi Tatsu vs Mark Henry
Two Yoshi matches in one week? What is this, Christmas?
"Yoshi, you can head to the back." - Brad
"Uh, the match isn't over yet." - Cole
Henry won in seconds with the WSS.

"Mark Henry's one of the reasons I haven't returned to the ring yet." - Brad
"When the kids at Universal Studios go up to him and yell, Shrek, Shrek, Shrek, that's not his fault. Or when he clogs up every toilet he sits on, that's not his fault. Or the fact that you can smell him 10 miles away because he never washes his gear, that's not his fault." - Sheamus
"But when I Brogue Kick that huge head off his shoulders, guess what, it won't be his fault. It will be mine." - Sheamus

Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn
Layla was at ringside.
Layla apparently asked Kaitlyn if she could be in her corner as when she was new, she wanted someone to watch her back. Seems like an *ANGLE ALERT* to me.
Tamina won with a samoan drop. Layla was with Kaitlyn and Tamina pushed Layla off. Layla tried to get in there and the ref kicked her out which lead to a distraction and the Tamina win.
I really wish they could get Snuka and Lei'D Tapa on the same show as the female Samoan Swat Team sounds so cool to me.
"What do you think of Kaitlyn?" - Cody
"Tremendable in-ring performer." - Sandow using bad English
"I mean, what do you think of her as a woman?" - Cody
"She's made the most of what she can considering she come from a clearly deficient genetic pool." - Sandow 
For some reason, Damien Sandow working a gimmick as a romance advisor intrigues me. Book it.

Lillian pronounced Fandango's name wrong:
He called Lillian "Jillian" and said due to her screwing up his name, he won't debut. I wonder how much longer they can do this for. It would be highly annoying but slightly amusing if they could just permanently do this and have him never actually have a match.

"You go find this strutting flamingo and tell him the next time I put him in a match, he best well compete." - Booker T
Teddy tried to tell Booker T how to say Fandango, he did it incorrectly and Booker T told him to go do his job.

Sheamus vs The Big Show

"You know, I don't trust people who don't go out in the sun." - Brad

Sheamus and Big Show went to a No Contest. Great looking match up to that point though. Both guys were really stiff with each other and they did their usual spots that are always impressive. Show hit some nasty looking slaps in particularly and I liked the headbutts. The Shield have to be favorites right now in Creative. With them, WWE can book any match and have a way out of it. I'm sure they find them quite convenient, but an ending would have been nice. After the match, The Shield came down and so did Orton and all six men got into it. Show cleared out The Shield, knocked out Sheamus then got RKO'd to close the show.

Overall thoughts: Well, there was alot of things going on in this show. Lots of wackiness and WWE style humor but there were two good matches as well. The show isn't must see, but it wasn't bad a whole.

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