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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 3/1/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 3/1/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Josh Matthews and NOT JBL are your announcers for tonight:
Alberto Del Rio came out.
Damien Sandow followed.
Sandow complained about ADR's english and Alberto said his breath smells like kaka.

Alberto Del Rio vs Damien Sandow
"Is that JR on the left?" - King
The finish
Alberto Del Rio beat Damien Sandow with an armbar. Pretty good match here that was highlighted by Alberto's awesome stiff german. That was All Japan style right there. Both guys came out of this looking really awesome. Sandow is going to be a main eventer as he has everything in place and Alberto is cementing his place by the week. While last year was the year for Sheamus, this one is going to be the year for Alberto Del Rio. This was a great opener and well worth a look. Rating:***

"What's this?" - Kane
"This is the only reason you beat the Prime Time Players instead of me." - Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan announced that they would have a rematch with the PTP's (OH NO). Only this time, DB would have an arm tied behind his back and Kane would be blindfolded.

United States Title - 2/3 Falls - Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz
Miz beat Cesaro two weeks ago in a No DQ match which somehow led to this. WWE has been adopting the old TNA policy of gimmick matches first, straight matches second as of late. Okay, yes they did fight before that, but gimmick matches are usually for the end.
"This is a 2 out 3 falls match. Talk about throwbacks. That used to be the norm." - King
"Did Jackie Fargo have any of them back in the day?" - Cole
"About a thousand." - King
Alphamare Waterslide
Cesaro gets the 1st fall with a Gotch-Style Neutralizer
Miz apparently got a fall during the break, which they felt no need to show. Nah, they definitely couldn't have cut out an entrance somewhere or had the fall take place during TV time. That Raw recap was obviously more important.
Miz took the 2nd with a figure four on the WWE active app.
"You stupid American." - Cesaro
Antonio Cesaro beat the Miz in a 2/3 Falls match with a roll-up with the tights in the 3rd. This was a good match, mostly due to Cesaro. The man is just legendary when it comes to in ring work. He even carried The Great Khali to a good one a month ago which was not an easy feat. Miz really wasn't bad here either. He got the crowd involved and showed some fire and held up his part of the match. My big complaint was WWE only showing highlights of the 2nd fall and expecting us to go on the WWE Active app to see the rest. I'm never going to do this, ever. I also don't think many others will either. It's hard enough to watch one show without distractions, and believe me, I get distracted enough every time as SD usually takes me around 3 hours to do. Not showing the 2nd fall brought down the match and made it seem less important and was a big error. The match was very good though and I enjoyed it. Rating:***

Sheamus was in the back, warning Orton about the possibilities of the Shield interfering during his match with Big Show tonight.  Sheamus offered to help and Orton appeared not to be biting. However, Sheamus questioned him and asked, "So what are you saying?". Orton then said, "What I'm saying is, thanks". So it appears Sheamus will be out with Orton tonight. ANGLE ALERT.

Jim Ross came out to interview Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger:
Jim Ross brought up his recruiting of Jack Swagger from Oklahoma University.
This was your usual bad Jack Swagger segment with the usual racist stuff.
Jim Ross accused Swagger of being brainwashed and Swagger and Zeb took offense to it.  Swagger started to get rough with JR and Alberto made the save. They called JR a "sympathizer".
Del Rio told Swagger, "You aren't a real American, Jack. You're a real jackass".

Team Hell No vs The Prime Time Players
Kane is blindfolded, Daniel Bryan has a hand tied behind his back. We got off a hot start with two good matches, but things are going downhill. My Raw report with the previous match between these two is here:
Daniel Bryan put a goat face mask on Kane.
Titus O'Neil got the win with a roll-up with a pull of the tights. No, the PTP's couldn't get a CLEAN WIN with their opponents being blindfolded and having hands tied behind their back. No, sorry. Look, I get it. This was supposed to be comedy. Ha. Ha. But it was stupid and has made the PTP's look like complete goofs. Nothing was gained from any of this aside from time filler and comedy. It was a little bit funny but they could have done this on Raw instead and we wouldn't have had to see this twice.
Kane popped DB after the match and it could mean the end of Team Hell No.
Big Show said he wanted to make an impact since it is Wrestlemania season by choke slamming Randy Orton.

Matt Striker then interviewed Fandango.
"What can you tell us about your fighting style?" - Striker
"I've mastered the art of dance. I've accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the ballroom. Now it's time for me to take my rhythm, my percision, my grace to the ring so every one in the WWE can follow my lead." - Fandango
Fandango first complained that his name wasn't being said right and then said he wouldn't be wrestling tonight due to Matt Striker not saying his name right. BAIT. AND. SWITCH. I guess he did technically debut, but what was the point of all this? At this rate he may debut by Survivor Servies. I guess he could have the gimmick of the guy who never debuts, but what is the point of that? In any form, false advertising is lame.

The Big Show vs Randy Orton
The match went to a no contest when The Shield interfered. The Shield cleared house until Show knocked out Reigns and cleared them off. Show then punched Orton and left after eating a Sheamus Brogue Kick. The match was what it was. I liked the hanging DDT from the top but that is really it. I thought we were getting a Big Show turn and the crowd though Ryback was coming but neither happened.

Overall thoughts: The show got off to a great start then went to hell. We had two good matches, a dumb Swagger segment, a dumb comedy match and an even dumber Fandango segment before the main event. Watch the first half, skip the rest. I didn't have to sit through the social media stuff so I have no idea what effect it had on the show.

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