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WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 3/17/2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 3/17/2013

El Chicano vs Andy Leavine
El Chicano won with a rollup. This wasn't very good. Andy is pretty weak on offense and offered pretty much nothing here which dragged the match down. He also doesn't have any in ring charisma and is a lot like many of the "guys who are there because they are big" of the past.

Clasicos de la Lucha Libre - 1987 - Savio Vega vs Mr. Pogo
Savio Vega won with a briefcase shot. The match had two ref bumps within 2 minutes but the crowd loved it. Pogo could still move here and wasn't too bad. This was all about Cobra Clutches though. They exchanged that one many many times here. El Profe gave Savio the briefcase near the end to score him the win and make the crowd happy.
Samson Walker vs Chris Angel
Chris Angel beat Samson Walker with a spear. Angel's comeback was nice and was the highlight of the match but Samson Walker didn't really bring much at all. Angel's pretty good all around and really should be in the main event scene.

Invader talked backstage and showed off all of his belts:
He ended up slapping someone and Wizard in red threw him out.

Ray Gonzalez vs Super Fenix
I don't know what the finish was here. They were both fighting outside so it could have been a countout or a no-contest. The match was okay but really nothing special up to that point. I liked Ray throwing baseball ground dirt into Fenix's eyes but that is really about it. This one really needed some kind of ending as they worked it slow and ended up building to nothing. Both guys tried to cheat each other here with each one hitting the other low. Give me a finish here and then I can talk a little more.

"The samoan death match wasn't enough, barb wire wasn't enough, now you want tables and chairs?" - Manu
"Thunder and Lightning, I don't care if you bring your mother to the tables and chairs match, because I'll put her through the damn table too." - L.A. Smooth
"When the SOS and Barrabas are in the same building, we're gonna kick ass and take names." - L.A. Smooth

Overall thoughts: Not a great one here. Leavine/Chicano wasn't that good and the main had no real finish. The Mr. Pogo/Savio Vega match didn't look too bad though. The big thing that hurt this show was the bad commentary levels and them muting out the crowd. I have no idea why WWC does this, but it really hurts their matches.

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