Sunday, March 17, 2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 3/10/2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 3/10/2013

Sebastian Guerra vs Barrabas Jr.
They had Victor Jovica talking with the ref that Barrabas has beef with during the match.
Barrbas' enemy referee came down during the match and said that Barrabas quit while in the full nelson and gave the match to Guerra.
The ref and Barrabas got into it and the ref got beaten with a belt.

Clasicos de la Lucha Libre - Carlos Col√≥n & Los Invaders 1 & 3 vs. Abdullah The Butcher, Chicky Starr & Rambo Ron Starr
Colon got the win on Abby with an elbow, but there was really nothing to see here. Trust me when I say that it looks alot cooler than it is.

Thunder & Lightning vs. Andy Leavine y Abbad
Thunder and Lightning won with a 3D on Andy. They blew it like they always do. Abbad was the highlight here as he took rather clumsy bumps for maximum theatrics.

Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title - Samson Walker vs El Chicano
Samson Walker got the pin when he used a boxing glove and hit a punch on Chicano. If you didn't see the episodes from last week, Chicano had a real life boxing match and Samson and him got inton a confrontation after it, leading to this. The finish was kind of stupid when you think about it. Why would you use a glove when you could use your fist? Okay fine, maybe he wants to protect his fist, but even the announcers found it to be more comedy than anything. I found it amusing too to be honest.

Overall thoughts: The show was okay but nothing special and not really that great. There was nothing that was must see at all here.

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