Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sumo March Haru Baso Day 11

Sumo March Haru Baso Day 11

Ms23e   Osunaarashi (4-1) vs Ms30e   Musashiumi (4-1)
Osuna hit three nice long thrusts here that forced Musashiumi out with no problems whatsoever. Osuna looked good here.
J8w     Takanoyama (4-6) vs J3w     Chiyootori (6-4)
This got turned into a power match-up and Takano got taken out like a child.
M12w    Masunoyama (4-6) vs M11w    Jokoryu (6-4)
Strong tachi-ai here. Jokoryu looked strong early then started doing one legged sumo and it didn't work out too well. He held on as long as he could before getting pushed out. I'm worried that he is injured, but he only needs 2 more wins.
M4w     Shohozan (6-4) vs  K1w     Aminishiki (3-7)
Aminishiki easily outpowered Shohozan and thrusted him up high to win.

M1w     Tochinoshin (4-6) vs S1w     Baruto (6-4)
This was strictly a power match here with Baruto being in control at all times and putting Tochi out.

O2e     Kakuryu (5-5) vs M3e     Tokitenku (3-7)
Toki tried to match power with Kakuryu and almost did before Kakuryu got the double belt grip and took care of business.

O1e     Kisenosato (6-4) vs  M4e     Toyonoshima (7-3)
Kisen won easy here by grabbing Toyo early and pushing him out.

O2w     Kotoshogiku (7-3) vs Y1w     Hakuho (10-0)
Koto had a grip and Hakuho did slip a little, but it wasn't enough as Hakuho overpowered him for the win. Hakuho clinches the win with 2 more victories.
Y1e     Harumafuji (7-3) vs  S1e     Goeido (7-3)
Goeido tried alot of side action here before it cost him the match as he got tipped over.
11-0: Hakuho

10-1: Azumayru from Juryo

9-2: Okinoumi

8-3: Harumafuji, Kitataiki and Fujiazuma

7-4: Kisenosato, Kotoshogiku, Goeido, Baruto, Toyonoshima, Aoiyama, Yoshikaze, Takarafuji and Wakanosato

6-5: Kakuryu, Tochiozan, Shohozan, Aran, Takekaze, Jokoryu, Shotenro and Sadanofuji

5-6: Myogiryu, Toyohibiki, Masunoyama, Chiyonokuni, Daido and Oiwato

4-7: Aminishiki, Takayasu, Tochinoshin, Gagamaru, Kyokutenho

All wrestlers under this sentence will be demoted

3-8: Chiyotairyu, Tokitenku, Tamawashi and Sotiaryu

2-9: Ikioi, Kaisei and Sagatsukasa

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