Monday, March 18, 2013

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 9

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 9

Ms23e Osunaarashi (3-1) vs Ms25e Maeta (3-1)
Osuna won here mostly with thrusts. Maeta offered nothing and Osuna got a grip over the top of him and pushed him down.
J8w Takanoyama (4-4) vs J2w Daikiho (5-3)
Daikiho won a smart match here. He went to the side after the initial contact and took away Takano's arm dragging game and pushed him out easy.
J8e  Azumaryu (7-1) vs  J5w Tenkaiho (6-2)
Azumaryu got a cheap henka win here. He sidestepped Tenkaiho and smacked him in the butt for good measure.
M13w Sadanofuji (4-4) vs  M11w  Jokoryu (6-2)
Jokoryu was only working off one leg here and got put down. He got overpowered here and he tried for a side leg/hip sweep but he ended up falling down off of it and losing.
M8e Aoiyama (5-3)  vs  M12e Shotenro (6-2)
Aoiyama got behind Shotenro's head and brought down for the easy win off the tachi-ai.
M4w  Shohozan (6-2) vs  M1w Tochinoshin (3-5)
Tochi somehow got under Shohozan and thrusted him out.
S1e  Goeido (6-2) vs  M1e Takayasu (3-5)
Takayasu got the upset here. He just got under Goeido with a strong grip and he wouldn't let go. Goeido fought hard and the struggle was fun but he got put out in the end.

O2e  Kakuryu (5-3) vs  O2w Kotoshogiku (6-2)
Easy win for Kotoshogiku here, which is surprising to say. Kakuryu had no grip on the ground at all. He slipped the whole match and had Koto let go, I think he would have won quicker. Koto also had the grip on the belt and Kaku had no resistance to offer him. The 2 losses Koto took may have been good for him as he's been very inspired and solid since then.
O1e  Kisenosato (4-4) vs M3e Tokitenku (2-6)
Kisenosato won easy here. This was a strange match. Kisen got false started twice and ended up outside of the ring on one of them. Once the match started, Toki gave up. I mean literally. He did nothing at all and gave it away. I think he purposely lost the match because this was just too weird.

M4e  Toyonoshima (6-2) vs   Y1w Hakuho (8-0)
Hakuho won easy here. Toyonoshima went deep under but he didn't get Hakuho's belt, so all he did was basically set himself up for the quick loss as Hakuho pushed down on his throat for the easy win. Hakuho makes sumo look so easy.
Y1e  Harumafuji (5-3)  vs S1w  Baruto (6-2)
Harumafuji won with a great move here. He was down and ready to be out and he ducked, helping Baruto out. I've never seen a move like this and it was incredible. It required great balance and skill and I don't know how Harumafuji got it off. This is a must see match, though I wish I had a replay available to just confirm that Harumafuji did not touch here. Not a bad loss for Baruto really as this was just something special.

9-0: Hakuho

8-1: Azumaryu from Juryo

7-2: Kotoshogiku, Okinoumi and Kykokushuho, Asasekiryu and Nionoumi with all three from Juryo.

6-3: Harumafuji, Goeido, Baruto, Toyonoshima, Shohozan, Kitataiki, Aoiyama, Fujiazuma, Jokoryu, Shotenro and Wakanosato.

5-4: Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Aran, Yoshikaze, Takarafuji, Takekaze, Sadanofuji, Chiyonkuni and Oiwato.

4-5: Tochiozan, Takayasu, Tochinoshin, Kyokutenho, Masunoyama and Daido

3-6: Aminishiki, Chiyotairyu, Myogiryu, Gagamaru, Toyohibiki and Sotairyu

2-7: Tokitenku, Ikioi, Kaisei and Sagtsukasa

1-8: Tamawashi

0-9: NONE


  1. Still watching but it's too obvious Hakuho is winning.

  2. Yeah, there is no definitely no doubt at this point, but it is still fun to watch. Harumafuji's win was classic today and I am looking forward to him vs Shohozan. Baruto vs Hakuho should be fun too.