Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 7

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 7

I didn't get the stats for today unfortunately. I forgot and things are just too crazy here.

Osunaarashi vs Tatsu
Osunaarashi hit some some super power thrusts and got himself trouble after a big attack. He recovered though and got under to take down Tatsu.

Jokoryu vs Daido
This was all power and muscle here as Jokoryu took Daido from each side of his body and put him out.

Gagamaru vs Masunoyama
Gaga was really vicious and rouch here doing alot of strikes to the face area and got Masuno down without too much trouble. Masuno tried to save himself from going back and out but he ended up just going forward.

Aoiyama vs Chiyonokuni
Aoiyama went too far back in trying to put Chiyono down and ended up getting pushed out himself.
Baruto vs Takayasu
Takayasu got under Baruto and took him to the other side where he whipped him out.

Kisenosato vs Shohozan
Shohozan tried but the size advatange was just too much. He had no chance at all during this match and he was controlled the whole way. Shohozan tried but he got his belt grabbed early and it was all downhill from there. One of the things I like about Kisenosato as compared to the other Ozeki is that he is pretty solid as a base and he doesn't get moved around in akward ways like both Koto's do.
Aminishiki vs Kotoshogiku
Aminishiki had nothing for Koto and took an easy loss.
Kakuryu vs Toyonoshima
Upset! Toyonoshima got under Kaku and then striking hard to get him out.
Tokitenku vs Hakuho
Hakuho may have false started en route to victory here. He barely had both hands down and jumped up for the quick prowl on Toki. From there, he got Tokis right arm and pushed him out.
Harumafuji vs Ikioi
Harumafuji won easy here. He almost slipped but he slapped Ikioi silly to get an advantage leading to the win.

7-0: Hakuho

6-1: Jokoryu

5-2: Harumafuji, Kotoshogiku, Goeido, Baruto, Toyonoshima, Shohozan, Kitataiki, Okinoumi, Takekaze and Shotenro.

4-3: Kisenosato, Kakuryu,  Aoiyama, Kyokutenho, Fujiazuma, Yoshikaze, Masunoyama, Chiyonokuni, Daido and Wakanosato.

3-4: Tochiozan, Takayasu, Tochinoshin, Chiyotairyu, Myogiryu, Aran, Gagamaru, Takarafuji, Sadanofuji and Oiwato.

2-5: Tokitenku, Ikioi, Kaisei, Toyohibiki and Sagatsukasa

1-6: Aminishiki, Tamawashi and Sotairyu

0-7: Tochinowaka

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