Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 5

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 5

Ms23e   Osunaarashi (2-0) vs  Ms20w   Wakamisho (2-0)
Good effort by Osuna here but his opponent just got under him and put him out. He fought though but he just got beat.
J14w    Sensho (1-3) J8w vs Takanoyama (3-1)
Sensho got an easy win here. He got close and got his arms around Takanoyama without any problems and pushed him out.
J8e     Azumaryu (4-0) vs  J11e  Kimurayama (2-2)
Easy and effortless win by Azumaryu to go to 5-0. Kimurayama offered nothing in return.
M13e    Tochinowaka (0-4) vs M15w    Sotairyu (0-4)
This was bad. Sotairyu won easy. Tochinowaka peformed awful here. He looked like he didn't even try and was swatting at flies instead. This may be the end for me covering Tochino this basho as he's not been giving much effort.

M16w    Wakanosato (3-1) vs  M12w    Masunoyama (3-1)
Masunoyama looked great here in his win. He threw machine gun style thrusts and went for victory. He was seriously aggressive and that's the kind of wrestler I like.
M12e    Shotenro (3-1)  vs M16e    Oiwato (3-1)
Quick and easy win for Shotenro here as he went behind the head of Oiwato and put him down to go to 4-1.
M14e    Chiyonokuni (2-2) vs M11w    Jokoryu (3-1)
These two battled back and forth off a power tachi-ai by Jokoryu until he forced out Chiyono. Jokoryu was really strong and aggressive here to go to 4-1.
M8e     Aoiyama (3-1)  vs  M10e    Takarafuji (3-1)
Takarafuji was no match for Aoiyama's strength and he lost. With a little more room, I think he could have turned Aoi but not today. Aoiyama had him from the start.

BONUS MATCH - Shohozan vs Toyohibiki
I feel bad for Toyohibiki here. He put in a good effort and had some great chest slaps but Shohozan used the momentum against him to put him down and win.
M4e     Toyonoshima (3-1)  vs M7e     Okinoumi (3-1)
Fairly straightforward win for Okinoumi here to go to 4-1.
S1e     Goeido (3-1) vs O2w  Kotoshogiku (2-2)
Good effort by Goeido by Koto hooked his right arm early and got in close for the advantage, throw and win.

O2e     Kakuryu (3-1) vs  M1e    Takayasu (1-3)
Good effort by both guys here. Takayasu almost lost early but saved himself. He went for the throw and Kakuryu countered with a trip for the Kakuryu win.

S1w     Baruto (3-1)  vs O1w    Kotooshu (1-3)
Easy win for Baruto here. Koto slipped early and Baruto used that to push him out for the win. I bet Baruto wasn't expecting that. Kotooshu continues to look like a goof.
O1e     Kisenosato (2-2) vs  M2e     Chiyotairyu (3-1)
Good try by Chiyotairyu here but not enough. Kisen pretty much had him the whole way but he did his best to hang on.
K1e Tochiozan (3-1)  vs Y1w Hakuho (4-0)
Easy win for Hakuho here. Tochiozan went in a little too low, so he went high and to the side to put him down easy. Hakuho cruises to 5-0.

Y1e Harumafuji (2-2) vs  M2w Myogiryu (2-2)
Harumafuji won after a close call. He slipped against but was able to grab onto Myo to save himself. Myo then slipped and Harumafuji got his back for the win.
5-0: Hakuho and Azumaryu from Juryo.

4-1: Kakuryu, Baruto, Shohozan, Okinoumi, Aoiyama, Jokoryu, Shotenro, Masunoyama.

3-2: Harumafuji, Kisenosato, Kotoshogiku, Goeido, Tochiozan, Chiyotairyu, Toyonoshima, Kitataiki, Takekaze, Takarafuji, Yoshikaze, Daido, Oiwato, Wakanosato. and Takanoyama from Juryo.

2-3: Tochinoshin, Myogiryu, Tokitenku, Ikioi, Aran, Kyokutenho, Fujiazuma, Sadanofuji, Chiyonokuni and Sagatsukasa.

1-4: Kotooshu, Takayasu, Kaisei, Gagamaru, Tamawashi and Sotairyu

0-5: Aminishiki, Toyohibiki and Tochinowaka

Overall thoughts: There was some decent wrestling today but not a ton of upsets. Everyday can't have upsets though. I would have preferred some of the 3-1 guys wouldn't have had to fight each other as with a little help in match selection, some of them may have had a better shot at winning this one. Hakuho is clearly the favorite at this point but Baruto is looking like a sleeper pick by the day. I'm glad Shohozan has gotten back on track and Kotooshu looks like he could care less.


  1. Osuna might have finally hit the point in the banzuke where he can't win based just on his physical tools.

    Kotooshu looks awful and if he loses a few more times, will probably just sit out and try to get his 8-7 or 9-6 in May to keep his rank.

    Shohozan's fun and I hope he gets a Fighting Spirit award. I wouldn't bet against Hakuho not going 15-0 and I think Harumafuji will drop a couple more matches and finish like 11-4 or 10-5.

    1. Yeah, it's definitely coming sooner rather than later where he will need some other tricks. The top division guys are going to be too big for it to work.

      Kotooshu probably should skip the rest of this one as something is definitely up. It is amazing that he's lasted 8 years as an Ozeki though, but being an Ozeki doesn't seem to mean as much as it used to.

      I'd like to see Shohozan do well too. Last tournament was really bad for him and he looked like a completely different guy.

      I can see 14-1 for Hakuho. 13-2 is definitely possible, but no more than that.

      I'm happy to see Baruto in contention. I felt bad for him basically getting screwed due to his injury and I can't say he ever seems to show a lack of care like Kotoshogiku or Kotooshu.