Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 4

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 4

Lots more to come today with WWE Main Event at the minimum. I'm sitting on a bunch of puroresu so hopefully I can do some of that today.

J4e Homarefuji (1-2)  vs J8w Takanoyama (2-1)
Takanoyama won quick with a side step with a little bit of an arm pull. It was kind of a cheap win.

M9e Fujiazuma (1-2) vs M13e Tochinowaka (0-3)
Fujiazuma got the win here. Tochinowaka is injured and attempted one legged sumo. We all know how that works out.
Jokoryu vs Kyokutenho
Kyokutenho just couldn't keep his balance here as Jokoryu won rather easily.
M8e Aoiyama (2-1) vs M5w Kaisei (1-2)
Kaisei just slipped, even though the match was slow and lost it here. Ugly loss for Kaisei.
M4e Toyonoshima (2-1) vs M6e Gagamaru (1-2)
Great win by Toyonoshima here. Gagamaru tried to bulldoze him and Toyonoshima got a little bit of an angle and got Gaga down. Embarassing loss for Gaga though as he really shouldn't of fell so easy.
O2e  Kakuryu (2-1) vs S1w Baruto (3-0)
Kakuryu got a well played win here. Baruto was going to stall this one out and keep it slow but Kakuryu pushed and then hooked his leg on Baruto's bad leg and Baruto was a sitting duck. Not much Baruto could do here unfortunately.
M1w Tochinoshin (0-3) vs  O1w  Kotooshu (1-2)
Upset! Awful loss by Kotooshu here. He put all of his energy into a belt lift with both hands and failed miserably, making it easy for Tochinoshin to push him out. Kotooshu isn't making kachi-koshi here(8-7 record) and I could see him losing 10 at this point.

O1e Kisenosato (2-1) vs K1e Tochiozan (2-1)
Upset! Tochiozan got the win here. He was in control at all times and had Kisenosato constantly struggling. Kisen had too wide of a base and Tochiozan got him down easy. It is a bad week to be an Ozeki.
M1e Takayasu (1-2)  vs O2w Kotoshogiku (1-2)
Nice power tachi-ai here along with some face palming to get Koto the win.
Y1e Harumafuji (2-1) vs M2e Chiyotairyu (2-1)
Upset city! Chiyotairyu wins easy! Harumafuji went to grab on after the tachi-ai and missed sending him down quickly.
M2w Myogiryu (2-1) vs  Y1w Hakuho (3-0)
Good win by Hakuho here. He got far under Myo and Myo had nothing to give back and got tossed out.
4-0: Hakuho and Azumaryu from Juryo.

3-1: Kakuryu, Goeido, Baruto, Tochiozan, Chiyotairyu, Toyonoshima, Shohozan, Okinoumi, Aoiyama, Takarafuji, Jokoryu, Shotenro, Masunoyama, Oiwato and Wakanosato.

2-2: Harumfauji, Kisenosato, Kotoshogiku, Myogiryu, Aran, Kitataiki, Fujiazuma, Yoshikaze, Takekaze, Sadanofuji, Chiyonokuni, Sagatsukasa and Daido.

1-3: Kotooshu, Takayasu, Tochinoshin, Tokitenku, Ikioi, Kaisei, Gagamaru, Kyokutenho and Tamawashi.

0-4: Aminishiki, Toyohibiki, Tochinowaka and Sotairyu

Overall thoughts: Another fun day of sumo with some big upsets. I can't believe Harumafuji lost again and at this rate, it may be the end of the tournament for him. Hakuho probably should have this one in the bag as I think he can probably with this at 13-2. Kakuryu is definitely one to keep an eye out if he can keep the bad losses out as is Baruto. This tournament is one for the underdogs though and I know one of them is going to be able to hold on near the end. There are just too many underdogs in contention right now that one of them is going to have to hold on. On a different note, Kotooshu has been embarassing and he really looks like he could care less at the moment.

I'm going to do these tomorrow as some of the 3-1's will be eliminated.
Ms23e Osunaarashi (2-0) vs Ms20w Wakamisho (2-0)
J14w Sensho (1-3) J8w vs Takanoyama (3-1)
J8e Azumaryu (4-0) J11e vs Kimurayama (2-2)
M13e Tochinowaka (0-4) vs M15w Sotairyu (0-4)
M16w Wakanosato (3-1) vs M12w Masunoyama (3-1)
M12e Shotenro (3-1) vs M16e Oiwato (3-1)
M14e Chiyonokuni (2-2) vs M11w Jokoryu (3-1)
M8e Aoiyama (3-1) vs M10e Takarafuji (3-1)
M4e Toyonoshima (3-1) vs M7e Okinoumi (3-1)
S1e Goeido (3-1) vs O2w Kotoshogiku (2-2)
O2e Kakuryu (3-1) vs M1e Takayasu (1-3)
S1w Baruto (3-1) vs O1w Kotooshu (1-3)
O1e Kisenosato (2-2) vs M2e Chiyotairyu (3-1)
K1e Tochiozan (3-1) vs Y1w Hakuho (4-0)
Y1e Harumafuji (2-2) vs M2w Myogiryu (2-2)


  1. Might as well start engraving Hakuho's name on the cup.

    Kakuryu's the only ozeki that seems deserving of the rank right now and I don't see any future yokozuna there.
    I think people like Goeido, Chiyotairyu, Tochiozan, and Myogiryu might be able to put together runs to eventually get to Ozeki (and further?). I'd love to see Kotooshu get relegated and Baruto get his spot back in a few basho, but I didn't like the way Baruto's knee buckled after today's match.

    Yeah, Takanoyama did the ol' henka, but anyone who falls for it against a guy his size deserves to lose.

  2. Oh, and checking out the bottom of the ladder, Baraki (the super short kid who had to stand on his tip-toes to reach the qualifying height) lost to go to 1-1 and super skinny Miyakojima went to 2-0. Unfortunately most of the early matches aren't on Youtube-I guess either the stream or the capper's connection went down.

    Miyakojima won by "isamiashi", which I hadn't seen before so I thought he used some clever esoteric technique, but it turns out "isamiashi" means that his opponent was on the attack and screwed up by accidentally stepped too far forward and out of the ring, giving Miyakojima a cheap win.

  3. Yeah, Hakuho should have this in the bag. One more loss by Harumafuji and I'm writing him off this tournament.

    I really wish they were harder on Ozeki. Hakuho suggested that all Yokozuna should have 12 wins and adding to that, I think Ozeki should have 10 wins. Maybe it is expecting too much, but the Ozeki rank shouldn't be a joke.

    Kisenosato actually has the best record at Ozeki. He's won 10 or 11 matches 10 times since November 2010. Kotooshu has done it 3 times since then lol, Kakuryu has done it 6 times and Kotoshogiku has done it 7 times. Kotooshu's last year with the most wins was 2010. He's been Ozeki also since 2005, so his time has to be up soon.

    Araibira mentioned maybe not doing the lower division matches but I don't know why.

    Hey as we saw, a win is a win! More respectful than a henka though.