Friday, March 22, 2013

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 13

Sumo March Haru Basho Day 13

Ms23e Osunaarashi (5-1) vs Ms41w Nishikikaze (5-1)
Osuna thrusted the crap out of Nishi for the easy win. This resembled a boxing match more than anything.
J12w Kagamio (6-6) vs J8w Takanoyama (4-8)
Takano grabbed an arm and tripped with his thigh to get the surprising win.
M11w Jokoryu (7-5) vs M7w Toyohibiki (6-6)
Jokoryu countered a Toyo attack and got a strong grip. They circled and Toyo fell for the Jokoryu win. Jokoryu makes Kachi-Koshi.
K1e Tochiozan (7-5) vs M7e Okinoumi (10-2)
Tochi took this one. Okinoumi didn't have his one foot planted and got pushed out due to it. Bad loss here for Okinoumi as he could have used the win.

M4e Toyonoshima (7-5) vs S1w Baruto (7-5)
Toyo lost but he gets an A for effort for lifting Baruto and almost getting it. Toyo should be in the running for a fighting spirit award. Baruto made his kachi-koshi with the win and could use wins in the next two days.
O1e Kisenosato (7-5) vs O2w Kotoshogiku (7-5)
Kisenosato won a long and boring one here, They both stalled forever and Koto went for something but Kisen got under and tipped him over. Kotoshogiku is technically in danger for not making his kachi-koshi.
S1e Goeido (8-4) vs Y1w Hakuho (12-0)
Hakuho got up and under for the easy win in seconds. Blink and you'll miss it. Hakuho clinches the title!
Y1e Harumafuji (9-3) vs  O2e  Kakuryu (7-5)
Upset city here with Kakuryu taking it.  Harumafuji could only stall here and offered almost nothing offensively. He stepped out and lost.
13-0: Hakuho - Sumo Haru Basho 2013 Champion

10-3: Okinoumi

9-4: Harumafuji, Kitataiki and Takarafuji

8-5: Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Goeido, Baruto, Tochiozan, Aran, Aoiyama, Fujiazuma, Yoshikaze, Jokoryu and Wakanosato

7-6: Kotoshogiku, Miyogiryu, Toyonoshima, Shohozan, Takekaze, Sadanofuji and Daido

6-7: Tochinoshin, Toyohibiki, Kyokutenho, Shotenro and Chiyonokuni

All wrestlers below this line will get demoted

5-8: Aminishiki, Masunoyama and Oiwato

4-9: Takayasu, Tokitenku, Gagamaru, Tamawashi and Sotairyu

3-10: Chiyotairyu and Kaisei

2-11: Ikioi


  1. Osuna's hand thrusting is scary as hell and probably intimidates a lot of people off their game.

    Nice to see Takanoyama get a win, although I fear the rest of his career is going to be trying to hang on to his place in Juryo. Kyokutaisei will probably have the same problem if he can make it that high.

    Another similar lightweight rikishi I discovered watching some of the live stream last night is Suzaku, currently in lower Makushita. He weighs less than Takanoyama. He debuted in 2005 and was a college guy, so he's already like 31 and probably won't get any higher than he is.

    Hope Harumafuji wins today to get 10 wins, as he'd hate to have to get the tenth win on the last day against Hakuho, who I think really wants the 15-0. Also would like to see Baruto finish strong and hopefully get back to ozeki. Maybe Kotooshu will suck again next basho and get demoted...

  2. Yeah Osuna looked like Tyson out there.

    Takanoyama definitely has to go to the drawing board or the buffet. Maybe he can check out the drawing board at the buffet. All I can is I wish I had his problem with not being able to gain weight.

    I think sooner or later Kyokutaisei can probably make Juryo. If he keeps getting 1 or 2 losses only, they will have to throw him a bone.

    About your comment about possible Yokozuna candidates. On paper, it seems absolutely impossible. It took Hakuho 6 years to do it and if you can believe it, the last time he had more losses than wins was in his second tournament ever in 2001. He hasn't lost 4 times in a basho since 2007. However, Hakuho is a freak of nature.

    I don't think I'm informed enough to make any guesses on who could be the next Yokozuna. I do think it is unlikely anyone can become one soon though. With two yokozuna who can do 15-0 when the are their best, it will be challenging. Add the Ozeki, Baruto and others and it will be tough. The big block is going to be getting two titles in a row. I can see one of the Yokozuna having one rough basho, but not two basho's.

    I think Kotooshu is near the end of his run. He's been around a long time and as we saw with Baruto, two unlucky basho's in a row are enough to take you out.

    Harumafuji has Kisenosato tommorow and he is 27-15 against him.