Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 3/9/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 3/9/2013 Review

Last weeks show is here:

Rhett Titus vs Eddie Edwards
Bobby Fish was at the booth.
The finish
Eddie Edwards won with a crab and head stomp combo. Good match here with lots of action and a good length to it. Titus hung in there well and didn't look out of place at all. Tons of moves here with Edwards doing a Nakamura reverse slam and almost getting hurt bigtime on a press from the top rope. Fish mostly ran down Davey during the match and talked about he couldn't be trusted.Rating:***

Davey said he was the top of the food chain in ROH and said while Hardy was in New York, he was stealing the show with Michael Elgin.
Elgin called his match with Strong a war and said that he did what he said he would do and that's beat Strong within an inch of his life.
Elgin said his actions tonight would do the talking and he said all men weren't created equal.

MsChif vs Mia Yim
Yim got hit in the stomach with toilet paper during her entrance. Those fans in MD love the TP. MsChif also got hit with two different things during her entrance. The throwing of things at these tapings is really getting out of hand and making the show look low rent. Veda Scott was at the booth for this.
The pin
MsChif beat Mia Yim with the Desecrator. Heck of a match here with the girls having a japanese style match and pretty much ruling it. There were some great germans here, highflying and great flexibility from both girls. This was about as good as a non-WWE Divas' match that I've seen in the US and a ton of fun. Both these girls are really good and are an awesome match for each other. Rating:***1/2

ROH's new interviewer Matt Ryan tried to interview Roderick Strong in the locker room and Strong called him a pervert. Strong just said he would win tonight and told Matt Ryan to get out.

Inside ROH
They showed some clips of SCUM talking at National Pro Wrestling Day and made a big deal of the fact that they had Corino and Jacobs instead of Kevin Steen there.
Jay Briscoe was upset at SCUM attacking the Briscoes at National Pro Wrestling Day and told SCUM that if they want to kill ROH, first they have to kill the Briscoes.
They said they would announce matches next week for Supercard of Honor.

Davey Richards vs Matt Hardy vs Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong
Nigel McGuinness was at the booth. Hardy was supposed to be in this to get a shot at the TV title with Adam Cole, but Cole lost the belt at the PPV. So I don't know what this means. ROH has to be careful about taping times because if you order ROH ppv's, you have to pretend things don't happen.
The pin
Michael Elgin beat Roderick Strong with the Elgin Bomb. Good match here but pretty short and to the point. Hardy had Davey pinned at one point but the ref wasn't there. Hardy then started screaming at Nigel to stop the match for the remainder of it. They teased Davey and Elgin here and I think that will be a match coming up with how much they interacted. They also pushed the Elgin/Roddy feud more. They also tried to push that everyone wanted Hardy to lose and this was a big showcase for Elgin.

Nigel said he would think about what to do with Hardy after the match, hinting that he could get a title shot. Hardy yelled more about a title shot after.

Overall thoughts: Can't beat this one. There were three good matches and it was a fun hour overall.


  1. First match was average, women did a great job and main event was good, but not something very awesome.
    Yes, this was a fun hour overall. I'm excited with next week and the beginning of Ring of SCUM :)

    1. Yeah I was very impressed by the women.

      If you like SCUM I definitely think you will be enjoying upcoming ROH!