Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 3/3/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 3/3/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

The Flatliners vs Steve Corino and Rhino
The finish
Steve Corino and Rhino won quick here with a gore. The Hardliners looked good and are a fine big man power team. They hit a neat lungblower into a german suplex but due to the length, that's all they got to show.

Charlie Haas said he made BJ Whitmer famous and their match from the 11th anniversary shouldn't be seen anywhere, as BJ used it to make himself famous. I didn't really get this one. Why does Veda Scott always have one eyebrow up like she is permanently suprised?

Nigel McGuinness called out Matt Hardy.
Matt Hardy said he only took the title to defend himself against Adam Cole. He said Nigel was jealous of him and Nigel said he was. Nigel announced Matt Hardy would fight Adam Cole in two weeks and Hardy then said he would give the title back because of that. Nigel said it wouldn't be a title match though. He then announced a 4 Corner Survival Match with Hardy, Davey Richards, Michael Elgin and Adam Cole.

Mike Mondo came to do commentary.

Vinny Marseglia vs Grizzly Redwood
Kevin Steen came in and ordered Vinny Marseglia out. Vinny wouldn't leave, so he package piledrivered him. Kevin Steen then challenged Grizzly Redwood to a title match.

ROH Title - Kevin Steen vs Grizzly Redwood
Kevin Steen won with an F5. Big surprise there. Not sure what the point of this was when the result was obvious. Mondo talked about how close to winning Griz was but unless you call getting powerbombed multiple times close to winning, I didn't see it. Griz got a tope in and that's mostly it. He ate a fallaway slam into the rails, an apron powerbomb and an F5 before going down. Steen helped Griz up after the match.

Inside Ring of Honor
They showed Taven joining Truth Martini last week.

Truth Martini cut a promo and said that when he saw Taven try to cheat last week, he knew he'd be perfect to manage. He then told us to take our pants off and get off. Truth wore sunglasses here but for some reason he didn't open his eyes once during his promo.
The Briscoe Brothers talked about their various matches with Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team and they said they would split them up tonight. Mark Briscoe asked if it was 1972 when WGTT put ether in his face.

WGTT splits vs ROH Tag Titles - Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs The Briscoe Brothers
WGTT must split up if they lose here.
Brendell Cheeseburger RETURNS!!!!!!!!
Brendell Cheeseburger DOWN
Brendell Cheeseburger refuses to stay down!
Brendell Cheeseburger will be back.
The Briscoe Brothers beat Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team after Charlie Haas turned on Shelton Benjamin and Mark Briscoe hit his Froggy 'Bow. Good match here though the ending was definitely surprising. I can definitely say I did not see that coming. However, that is not even the big news here. The big news is the return of Brendell Cheeseburger. He was sitting at ringside and Charlie Haas threw him into rails and he was carried out. That was the true highlight to me. One other cool spot was Mark Briscoe hitting a rebound death valley driver and doing a 180 on it for better effects.

Overall thoughts: The main was the best thing on the show but the rest is basically squash matches, so skip it. This was one of those weird weeks with the PPV on after that they couldn't do too much with.


  1. First two is squash matches, but I think Flatliners looks not bad and I won't have anything against if they would have appear again.
    WGTT's split was obvious however I'm curious what will Charlie say about that. Match was OK, nothing special.

    1. Yeah, I'm fine with another Flatliners match as well and too am interested about the WGTT split. I think Shelton is gone from ROH though so I guess they won't do too much.