Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 3/23/213 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 3/23/213 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Michael Elgin vs Silas Young
Michael Elgin got the win with a Spiral Bomb. Good match here with a nice pace to it. Both guys looked good and Young is a very good fit for ROH. Good stuff here with Young working the leg and Elgin doing a german into the buckles and a deadlift german. Rating:***1/2
Lethal said that Elgin was not unbreakable after the match.
Adam Cole said he may not be the TV champion anymore but he will fight like a champion and bring it like a champion.
Jay Lethal said he was excited to come to Asheville, North Carolina to wrestle so his brother could see him and so he could continue to start over after the loss to Steen.
Charlie Haas came out and had some bad comments for Chicago. He called the Chicago Blackhawks - The Chicago Redhawks.

He said he carried Shelton Benjamin and put the "greatest" in WGTT.
Haas said Shelton Benjamin was gone and said he wouldn't be back for Supercard of Honor. He said Shelton would never be back. Haas then challenged fans for matches and challenged Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.
Grizzly Redwood then came out to accept the challenge.

Charlie Haas vs Grizzly Redwood
Charlie Haas won in no time after a belly to belly and a Haas of Pain/Laso from El Paso in a quick squash. Mike Mondo came in after to get some shots in before Haas left.

Veda Scott interviewed Mondo and Griz after.
He basically just said he was back and came back in 4 months, even though he shouldn't have been back for 12 months. He said his usual lines and repeated that he had "no fear". Steve Corino then came out with members of SCUM.
They grabbed Veda Scott and Corino said that SCUM stood for "Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness and Mayhem".
Corino said that next week would be SCUM's show and that Nigel could even make their matches.
Nigel agreed and said all matches would have SCUM vs ROH next week. He said, "When you make a deal with the devil, prepare for hell".

Steve Corino came out again to introduce Matt Hardy. He called him a living god of wrestling and did a big intro for him.

They did an American Wolves promo before it began. I think they ran this last week as the Wolves said basically nothing besides confirming that they were The American Wolves.

Matt Hardy vs Adam Cole
Hardy basically german'd Cole into the guardrails after Cole did a figure four around the post on him.

I'm not sure of the result here. It was either a no contest or Matt Hardy got DQ'd. Rhino interfered and gored Cole and then a huge ROH vs SCUM brawl broke out to close the show. As for the match though, it was good. Cole took some serious bumps here including a Super Side Effect, a Splash Mountain and a rough shot into the rails. Hardy was good too and overall, I really enjoyed the match. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: No Inside ROH and 2 good matches make this a pretty good show overall! This is definitely worth a look!


  1. I think the result of main event is Cole won by DQ, however I think we're gonna see Triple Threat Match at Supercard of Honor.

  2. Thanks and you are right, we are indeed going to be seeing a threeway!