Friday, March 15, 2013

Ring of Honor TV 3/16/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 3/16/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Nigel McGuinness was out with the whole locker room. He said they lost the first battle in the war against SCUM but said ROH would stand together. He said Honor would never die and said that due to Adam Cole defending the TV title with pride and honor, he will get a title shot.
He said Cole would fight Hardy next week on TV for a shot at the TV title at Supercard of Honor. He also said BJ Whitmer would get a title shot. Then he said Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin would have a match for a title shot.
He announced Mark Briscoe would get a title shot in Asheville, North Carolina. Jay Briscoe then asked for a title shot at Supercard of Honor even though his left arm was injured.

Nigel then announced SCUM was banned from today's ROH show.
Nigel then grabbed the whole roster and said, "We will fight and honor will live".
Davey Richards said that it was about war with Red Dragon at Supercard of Honor.
Eddie just confirmed that yes, they are indeed the American Wolves.

ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs The American Wolves
I like the ACH/Thomas team. They are a natural combination. We all know my thoughts on Davey Richards' (RESPECT!) wrestling abilities.

The American Wolves won with a backcracker/powerbomb combo. Good match here due to ACH and Thomas. They flew all around and successfully hit their spots and everything worked out okay. The Wolves didn't get to do much, so the match turned out for the better. This had a great pace was even better than I expected. I wish ACH/Thomas won because I'd much rather see them again. Hopefully, they get a match with C&C as that would be great. Rating:***1/2

BJ Whitmer vs QT Marshall
I don't have high hopes for this but lets see. I still can't figure out what QT brings to the table.
RD Evans was at the booth for a little bit. He said he grew a beard as he met a lady who likes beards.
BJ Whitmer won quick due to a ref stoppage from multiple knees. I don't have any comment on this. It was short and since it means less QT, I'm all for it. Odd match though and it was a waste of time.

Inside Ring of Honor
Kevin Kelly had a cold or something here as there was no energy whatsoever.
They talked about the shock of Matt Taven beating Adam Cole for the TV title and they recapped the title matches from the 11th Anniversary show.
Lethal said he may be down but he is not out and he would win the match against Elgin for a title shot at Steen. Lethal always sounds like he's gargling water while talking.
Kyle O'Reilly said Red Dragon won the titles due to Fish's leadership. They said they would put the Wolves down and turn them into little dogs.
Davey Richards (RESPECT!) said Red Dragon is nothing until they knock the old dogs off the block.
Eddie Edwards said Red Dragon is just fresh meat to them.
We got a discretion warning for Truth Martini.
Truth Martini came out with girls and Matt Taven. One of the girls tripped down the steps.
Truth Martini welcomes us to Hoopla Uncut. He said, "Hoopla Uncut is a tv show about love, pain and hoopla!". I was hoping Truth would be hosting a show talking about life's issues and taking questions from the audience.
Matt Taven had his title belt tucked in pants. That seriously had to hurt. Truth asked the Hoopla Hotties to take their pants off and ROH said to go to their website to see that. I think I will pass. So, about this new ROH direction that everyone is raving about...I would like to point you to this segment.

Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal won with a Lethal Injection in about 5 minutes. It was fine for what it was but it was very quick and it was like a sprint. Nothing wrong with this one.

Overall thoughts: The show peaked with the first match. The other two matches were very short and the Truth Martini segment was a waste of time. Watch the first match and skip the rest.


  1. First segment was good and first match was very good. I like this sign with ACH. Second match is skippable and main event was OK but too short to get it something more because I'm sure Lethal and Storng are able to do it great. And about Hoopla Uncut, I think there's many different opinions. As for me, I don't have anything against and I"m sure there will be more talk shows w/ Martini and I don't have anything against.
    Overall, quite good hour with wrestling. Still better than WWE ;)

  2. I really liked that first match. That was great.

    I like Truth but I'd rather see a match instead of that.

    Lethal and Strong really needed alot more time. It was basically a waste.