Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ring of Honor 11th Anniversary iPPV Results and Review

Ring of Honor 11th Anniversary iPPV Results and Review

The quality and cameramen suck here and I can't do gifs with ROH stuff, so please bear with me.

Six Man Mayhem - Tadarius Thomas vs QT Marshall vs Adam Page vs Silas Young vs ACH vs Mike Sydal
Tadarius Thomas hits a Flying Space Tiger Drop
ACH got the win here with a cradle DDT on Silas Young. Good action packed match here. There were some really nice dives like Thomas' Flying Space Tiger, RD Evans getting suplexed to the outside on a bunch of people, ACH doing a springboard tope con giro from the inside middle rope and Silas Young doing whatever he did in the last two pictures above. This was hot opener and the pace was high. Rating:***

They started out brawling early here and Coleman sat on the top rope in the middle of the ring and bounced off of it to do a moonsault. I've never seen that before. Think an RVD split legged moonsault only without the legs splitting.
SCUM got the win with a nasty spike piledriver. Coleman turned on the bump and made it look even worse. Pretty good match here. C&C flew around and did some new stuff and overall looked the best they have in a while. SCUM was mostly there for the ride but they were okay enough. Again, another action packed and almost sprint like match. Rating:***

No Holds Barred - BJ Whitmer vs Charlie Haas
BJ threw a Chuck Lite at Haas and Haas slipped all over the liquid and fell right on his butt to start the match.
Kevin Kelly said our friend Brendell Cheeseburger had to have shoulder surgery due to Charlie Haas' attacks.
"He just turned Charlie Haas into a tripod." - Kevin Kelly
Brendell Cheeseburger interferes!
Cheeseburger gives Charlie Haas a double
BJ gets overhead belly to belly'd through a table

Haas takes an exploder through a ladder

BJ Whitmer got the win on a ref stop from knee strikes. Odd finish there that I am presuming will lead to more matches. This was your old WWF Attitude era match with cookie sheets, chairs, garbage cans, ladders and tables. The cameras missed most of the shots naturally. Brendell Cheeseburger making his return was the highlight of the match but I can't figure out why they didn't have him come in near the end and cost Haas the match. That's how you get revenge and build a feud. Not some weak middle fingers. The match wasn't bad, but I think just about anyone could have done this one.

The American Wolves vs Forever Hooligans
I don't like 3 of the 4 in this one, so my hopes are not high. Kozlov sang the Russian anthem prematch.
The finish
The American Wolves won with a double team backcracker. I dunno, this was a Davey Richards(RESPECT!) match. Lots of moves for no reason at all and lots of 2.9's. They really should have played up the Romero/Davey storyline more but they pretty much ignored it after the beginning. This went a little too long as well which just encouraged them to do more stuff.

2/3 Falls - Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong
Elgin got the first in under 2 minutes with a spiral bomb.

Strong got the second with a suplex into a backbreaker.
Elgin got the win with a crossface. Pretty good match here though very move heavy. Elgin brought out a twist senton and he got thrown on his head and neck in various different ways. I think they did a little too much but it was good atleast. Rating:***1/4

TV title - Adam Cole vs Matt Taven
Matt Hardy came out to talk:
The crowd chanted "boring" and "Shut the f*** up". He said he would be the next TV champion.

Truth Martini came out in underwear:
The finish
Matt Taven won with I don't know what you call it, but it was kind of like a low angle bulldrop. Pretty good match here with Taven really showing up and taking two nasty bumps. He got sunset bombed and ended up on his head and then got german'd on his neck. It was pretty much the Taven show and he's looking like someone to watch. Ragting:***1/4
Matt Hardy was upset after as it meant his title shot was no more since Cole now isn't the champ.

ROH Tag Titles - The Briscoe Brothers vs redDragon - Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly
Nigel came to the booth and said the Hardy/Cole match would be a #1 contender to the TV title match at Supercard of Honor.
Doomsday Device on the floor
Red Dragon got the win with a brainbuster/headkick combo. The match was so so. They didn't hook me in the beginning and then both guys started killing each other with O'Reilly taking a Doomsday Device to the floor, Mark doing headbutts and making himself bleed and one of the Briscoes taking a belly to belly off the apron.

ROH Title - Kevin Steen vs Jay Lethal
The finish
Kevin Steen won with the El Generico Brainbuster. This was too much like a WWE main event for me. There were ref bumps and tons of interference. Leave that stuff to WWE and TNA because ROH isn't supposed to be like that. The match was good but I wasn't heavily invested in it and it became pretty obvious that Lethal wouldn't win. Some of the highlights of this had Lethal taking an F5 through a table on the outside, Lethal dropping Steen on his head with a dragon and of course the finish. Jimmy Jacobs interfered multiple times and Corino did get involved until Nigel pulled him out. I'm really only going to give this ***1/4. There was just too much shenanigans to really give it more. Rating:***1/4

After the match, SCUM attacked and The Briscoe Brothers made the save:

C&C came in along with Jimmy Rave and Rhett Titus, who joined SCUM, BJ Whitmer and Michael Elgin came in to clear house:
Cliff Compton, aka Domino from WWE then joined SCUM:
The Wolves tried to make the save and got beat up as did Adam Cole. Hardy came down and cleared him off and joined SCUM too.

Corino got on the mic and said that he said that evil was coming and now it is here.
Corino said that war has been declared and Honor has died.

Overall thoughts: The show was good as whole. Pretty much all the matches were decent and there are no complaints from me on that end. The ending angle was fine though I do think they added too many members, especially at one time. I think they could have gotten more out of slowly introducing them and I'm not sure how they can fit all these new guys on a card. Someone is going to a lose a spot somewhere.

My big complaint though of this show was the camera work. It was atrocious. They missed tons of spots and it seems they couldn't figure out to put a freaking cameraman at ringside on the camera side. The main camera was too far back and it gave me the view from the 20th row, which wasn't good. It really feels like the people who film ROH have never seen wrestling in their lives and don't even watch their own stuff to see how badly it is filmed.

I'd also like to see ROH cool it with the interference and the matchmaker stuff. I have no interest in any of it and truthfully, WWE is doing a better job at the moment of giving me straight matches and clean finishes. Finally, I think ROH needs to tone down some of the dangerous moves some. There were some really ugly looking moves tonight and I don't want to see anyone get hurt. I have no idea how Steen's neck survived the dragon suplex he took and Matt Taven almost crippled himself twice in 30 seconds.

Overall, if you like good wrestling, there is alot of here, so this is worth a look.


  1. I was wondering if you're gonna review iPPV from ROH. 11th Anniversary show was very good - 8/10
    I don't like Hardy on SCUM and I'm also not very happy with Titus there, but nevertheless SCUM is much better than The Shield and Aces and eights.

    In my opinion Steen will become 100 % face and maybe Jacobs can become next world champ, but not earlier than at Best in the world 2013.

    Taven's win is a big suprise, just as redDRagon but their success is positive and for Taven I'm not sure what to think because he's good but he hasn't showed much yet.

    Is ROH the only topic you've got comments ? Well, you know what you should review :P

    1. Yeah, I was waiting to do it :) I will definitely do all ROH iPPV's. I thought about house shows but by the time I can get to them, I'm not really interested in them anymore.

      I'm really enjoying Taven. I think he is honestly better at being Adam Cole than Adam Cole is.

      People don't comment too much unfortunately. I'm not sure why but I'd totally love to hear from everyone more. I think people just don't like putting names or emails up.