Monday, March 18, 2013

Portland Wrestling Uncut Episode 17 - 3/16/2013

Portland Wrestling Uncut Episode 17 - 3/16/2013

Rowdy Roddy Piper came out with Thunder's son, Bo. He talked about the wrestlers going on strike and Piper getting in trouble for going on strike as well.
Piper said he needed to get this resolved and brought out Thunder.
They talked about how they can't pin Kahagas if the keeps getting DQ'd or CO'd.
The Grappler came out with Wade Hess. He brought out the contract for Hess.
Piper had an idea. He asked for a match where it is No DQ and if Thunder can't pin his man, The Grappler gets $10,000. The Grappler said that he would accept it, but Thunder would have to wrestle Mike Santiago, Exile and Doc Cleaver at the same time. Piper agreed.

"What are you getting me into?" - Thunder | "Son, it's not my first picnic." - Piper
"Son, remember. What are the rules? It's no DQ and Anything goes." - Piper
"Hahaha" - Piper
I liked this segment. Piper kind of hinted what would happen later and it makes me interested to see what will go down.

Mike Santiago said that he wasn't happy about being put in matches without his OK on it, but said he likes to fight. He said, "Thunder is temporary, but Mike Santiago is forever".

Mike Santiago vs Gentleman George Michael
Mike Santiago got the win with a Roaring Elbow. The match wasn't bad but Santiago missed three different strikes. 2 at the beginning and one at the finish which definitely brought this one down.

"1 down, 1 to go" - Santiago
"Thunder just scares people. What does damage is lightning." - Santiago
"Anything goes." - Roddy Piper

Mr. Ooh La La said the promoter asked him to be a talent scout. He said he had the greatest rapper we've ever seen and he brought out Ethan HD.
Ethan HD rapped and Mr. Ooh La La said he's "seen better rappers on a christmas present".

Ethan HD vs Quiz
Ethan HD won with a running knee. The match wasn't anything special and it was very indy with enzugiri's and other kicks. Nothing wrong with it but not that great.
 CJ Edwards vs Eric Right
Big Ugly came in and beat up both men for some reason for the No Contest. Edwards took a Buca Storm which had to suck.

Big Ugly tried to explain that he did it to show that you can't trust promoters but I didn't really get it.

"You see CJ, I got alot of love for you and respect for you but what I just did was show you that promoters can't be trusted. I've tried to protect your ass and you're out here working for somebody that don't care for you." - Big Ugly

Big Ugly cut some weird promo about the promoter not paying them and taking 30% of his merchandise sales. I hate quazi-shoot promo's.

Roddy Piper brought out Wade Hess' son. He said that he was a legal ref in Oregon and said he would ref tonight's main event.

Handicap Match - Wade Hess gets out of his contract vs $10,000 - Thunder vs Exile and Dr. Cleaver
"Dominick Hess was doing his job and had to tie his shoe there.

Thunder got the win with a cane shot. Piper gave him the cane and he won rather easily after it. They tore up Hess' contract after and posed for the crowd. The match wasn't much wrestling wise but the storyline was fine.

Overall thoughts: Good ending, but the rest of the show was rough. The shoot promo stuff was lame and the matches weren't that great.


  1. I compare it to the best back yard wrestling promotion going. This is great wrestling but until the promoter decides to move it out of the back yard, this is still backyard wrestling to me. I hope they get better. Don and Barry Owen left some big shoes to fill.

  2. without the owens family wrestling in portland really sucks that nobody can can't bring a promotion in to replace portland wrestling without it going bankrupt in a few months like portland wrestling uncut did.