Sunday, March 17, 2013

Portland Wrestling Uncut Episode 16 - 3/9/2013

Portland Wrestling Uncut Episode 16 - 3/9/2013


Mike Santiago said that "in order to be the best, you have to align yourself with the best" and said that he wasn't much a of a tag team wrestler.

The Blanchard's said something about Mr. Ooh La La getting Matt Borne involved and the one in the pink wasn't happy about it.
They said their opponents "are in trouble".

Matt Borne, Colt Toombs and Patrick Large vs The Blanchard Brothers and Mike Santiago
Matt Borne is in his Big Josh attire! Yes!
Rowdy Roddy Piper was at the booth for this.
"He's got a Lays on his shoulder. He's got a bag of Lays on his shoulder." - Roddy Piper on Mike Santiago
"Everytime I'd walk into the dressing room, first thing Tough Tony Borne would do is slap me in the face. Then say hello." - Roddy Piper
The pin
Mike Santiago pinned Patrick Large with kind of an over rotated Fisherman Suplex. Pretty good match here. The Blanchards were very good and held the match together. Toombs wasn't bad and I loved his usage of MMA moves in the match as they made perfect sense. Borne's comeback was fine. They did have some hiccups along the way but the format and work was good as was the heat. Piper could not get Santiago's name down though for the life of him. Rating:***

Matt Borne left his partners after the match and wasn't pleased.

The Grappler's Pit
The Grappler with Exile
"How's it feel to be the champion, Ugly? Cuz I held it 7 times, not once like you." - The Grappler
"Well, you may have had the belt 7 times, but it's only because you lost it seven times." - Big Ugly
"You better thank God that I don't wrestle anymore because that belt would be around my waist, boy." - The Grappler
The Grappler suggested that Big Ugly give Exile a title shot. Big Ugly said he'd give Exile a shot when he rolled his tights down to the proper level. Grappler accused Ugly of being scared of Exile and Ugly said that if you think I am scared of Exile, you must be stupid. Then, he got decked.

The brought out Gabriel Iglesias. He did a Comedy Central special a while ago.
He introduced Azul Angel, who helped him win last week.

Azul Angel vs "The Little Chocolate Drop" CJ Edwards
The pin
Azul Angel beat CJ Edwards with a surprise roll-up. Heck of a match here. This was fast paced and they hit all their spots. Azul Angel looked like a professional and I know this guy has to be someone who is a name as he is just too good. Edwards was pretty good too here and I really enjoyed all of the highflying. Rating:***1/2

Wade Hess got interviewed and The Grappler jumped in. The interviewed called Grap by his real name and he got mad. Grap asked when he would be on the interviewer's show and the guy said that he is on the list. He wanted to know where Grap fit amongst names like Roddy Piper and Mike Ditka though. Grap asked where those people fit amongst him.
Grappler called Hess the weaklink of his crew and said he can have a match where he can prove that he deserves to be in his stable.
Wade "By God" Hess vs Nate Andrews
Exile threw Nate Andrews in the ring.
These two are said to be best friends and former roommates.
"You know what he's doing? He's telling The Grappler to stick it where the sun don't shine." - Roddy Piper

Nate Andrews on when Wade Hess threw the match to stick it to The Grappler. There was basically no match here.

Exile flattened Nate Andrews after.

Thunder came out and said that he needs to beat Kahagas to release Wade Hess from his contract with The Grappler. However, he can't because Kahagas does something each time. However, he said him and Wade are family and he is doing it for both of their kids.

"Tokyo Monster" Kahagas vs Thunder

I don't know the result of this. Kahagas walked out when the roster came out to confront him. Big Ugly got on the mic and said that they will go on strike and riot if they have to in order to end The Grappler's reign of terror.

Overall thoughts:  The show was great overall. The production values are superb, though the mic volumes need to be lowered. Other than that though, the picture quality is superb and they do make the show look great. The wrestling was good with two strong matches and The Grappler is pretty great. The faces were great too with Thunder and Hess being easy to get behind. I think we will be seeing more Portland Wrestling Uncut on ProWresBlog, so check out the show and stay tuned!


  1. What a fun show! The main event angle is really really good. Simple angles like this are the best

  2. The shows are fun but the promotion is being run very poorly.

  3. I heard these guys have been working for the last month without getting paid. The scumbag promoter hasn't paid his workers in a month and continuously cancels shows because he "can't afford it". The only reason these guys keep coming back is because they want to support Roddy Piper and Len Denton who are getting screwed by the promoter too.

    1. I have no knowledge of anything there but I hope they are getting paid. If not, they shouldn't appear. I know I wouldn't.