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CWA Memphis TV 10/8/1983

CWA Memphis TV 10/8/1983

Last week's show is here:

Lance Russell and Dave Brown are your announcers.
Jerry Lawler vs The Destroyer
The pin
Jerry Lawler won with a fist drop. Not a bad match here with The Destroyer looking legit and getting alot of offense in. The crowd was pretty into Lawler too.

"There's no fool like an old fool. You're right. I did use you Billy (Dundee). He said, am I bad, Jimmy? I said you're bad. He said, am I big Jimmy? I said, you're real big. But now, you know what you are? You're finished." - Jimmy Hart
"When you steal something from me and this man here, jack, you got to pay heavy dues." - Assassin
"This had to happen, Austin Idol. There's not enough room for two muscular looking dudes like us in the same area in the world." - Jesse Ventura
CWA World Tag Team Titles - The Fabulous Ones vs The Bruise Brothers
The titles are actually a trophy.
The Fabulous Ones won by DQ when The Assassins interfered. The match wasn't bad but we all knew something wasn't right when the Fab's were in a title match in the 2nd match on the show. The Assassin were sitting in the crowd and actually came into the ring unmasked and jumped the Fabs for the DQ.

"I don't care if I have to fight you in the parking lot, Fabs, I'm gonna chase you. I'm gonna hit you with a jackhammer." - Assassin
"Dundee, if you want us, come and get us." - Jimmy Hart
Dutch Mantel and Koko B. Ware vs The Pink Pather and The Executioner
"The Executioner...uh, pudgy." - Lance Russell
Dutch Mantel got the win on The Executioner with an elbow in 3:38. The faces moved the Panther's mask around so he couldn't see and went to town on him. Panther swung wildly and tagged out before Koko hit the body slam on The Executioner and Dutch got the win.
"I guess you've seen it all here, Lance. You've seen us get our coats ripped off our backs, you seen our trophies ripped up and now you've seen us beaten like two dogs in the ring in front of all these people." - Stan Lane
"We'll take The Assassins on, we'll take The Bruise Brothers on, we'll take the whole damn family on and we'll win." - Stan Lane
Jesse Ventura vs Robert Reed
Jesse Ventura won quick with an elbow. Nothing to see here as he just posed. He beat down the jobber then Jerry Lawler came in:
Everyone came out to clear their brawl after.

The Assassins, Buddy Landell and The Russian Invader vs Ken Raper, Robert Reed, Keith Eric and Jim Jamison
Heels win the 1st
The finish
Heels won in two straight falls with The Russian Invader getting the 2nd with a weird type of drop. This was pretty much a nothing match and was boring.

Overall thoughts: Nothing really to see here, but the opener wasn't bad. Otherwise, this was pretty skipable.

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