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CWA Memphis TV 10/29/1983

CWA Memphis TV 10/29/1983

This appears to be either an edited version of the show or a compliation. There's atleast some matches to work with here.

The Moondogs vs Jim Jamison and Jesse Owens
The Moondogs won with something. The tape cut out so I have no idea.

They showed footage from a first blood multi-man tag with Lawler, Roughouse Fargo, The Fabs, Valiant and Idol vs The Hart Family:
Weird finish here as the Moondogs interfered even though they weren't in the match, but it was allowed for some reason and they busted up Lawler to win.
"The Moondogs are back. It's Moondog Fever!" - Jimmy Hart
"Look how bad my Moondogs are. Eat this ciggarette." - Jimmy Hart
Moondog Rex eats a ciggarette

"Hart got the idea that they put their mask up. They got so much confidence, they're gonna put their masks up. All I can say is, you fans that are watching, make sure to bring a camera cuz' you're gonna get a chance to see what The Assassins look like without their masks." - Steve Keirn
"It's gonna be two on two, Moondogs. Me and Dundee got something in store for you and we got something in store for you too Hart if you get close enough to that ring." - Lawler
"Moondogs, you better be ready to live up to that reputation cuz we're gonna beat you like dogs." - Lawler
"Let's see how tough you are with 2 on 1. Get 'em boys." - Jimmy Hart
"No one man can take on two men." - Jimmy Hart
"Go ahead, call me a wimp now." - Hart
"You're not doing anything, Jimmy." - Lance
"Look at him, baby. Super-star. Hahah." - Hart
"Watch him, he got a chair, baby." - Hart
"You stink Hart. You stink." - Dundee
"When we get ya in the ring, we're gonna tear your clothes off. Then we're gonna peel every piece of skin off your body brother. Then we're gonna tear your damn brains out." - Dundee

"I'm glad Eddie Marlin gave me this match because I don't think Tommy (Rogers) wanted to give me one." - Koko B. Ware
"I've always been a true champion and I'll always stay a true champion and nobody had to twist my arm. I'll defend the title anytime." - Tommy Rogers
" I'm not even going to beat around the bush. I've watched alot of your matches and I'd like to have you in my First Family." - Jimmy Hart
"I don't need a manager." - Rogers
"You're going in the ring with this guy here. Well, let me tell ya. This guy is sneaky, he's treacherous. You slip, you twist your ankle, he'll be on you like that. What I'm saying is, if I was in your corner with you, I could watch over you and you could still keep your belt." - Hart
"You need to open your ears. I don't need a manager." - Rogers
"Rogers, I will be in your corner. And I'm gonna prove to you, with me in your corner, you can be the next world champion someday. It's a deal baby." - Hart
"It's all come down to this. We gotta put up something that's dear to us. Something that's been around for years. It's a trademark in professional wrestling." - Assassin
"When this mask goes on the line, there's alot of other things on the line too. These two men, these two hearts, brother, like one. When you take this off brother, you have ruined a legend. You're in for the fight of your life, I gurantee it." - The Assassin
"The legend will live on. Cuz you lookin' at the two greatest masked men, ever to wrestle in the world of professional wrestling." - The Assassin
"I ain't wearin' my earrings tonight. You know why? Cuz I got word, you're trying to steal them. You said if you got my earrings, you'd even pierce your ears." - Jesse Ventura
" 0_0 Yeah......." - Lance Russell
"You gonna go down, cuz you got a peanut brain. I'm gonna kick some sand in your face, jack." - Jesse to Charles Atlas(Tony's supposed brother)
"I promise this, Lawler. If we don't bust your head open, you and Dundee both, then I will never come back to Louisville again." - Hart
"If there's anybody in this area or any other area who can get rid of Hart, it's the Fabs." - Stan Lane

Sometime around here, it cuts to the next week/episode:
"Tommy Rogers, just as you fought against me, I want you to fight beside me to take care of those Bruise Brothers." - Koko B. Ware
Bill Dundee on Dundee/Idol/Eaton vs Moondogs/Man Mountain Link:
"Lawler got his way again. He stepped out of the match. I think the man was scared of Man Mountain Link and The Moondogs." - Dundee
"You people over there oughta have those signs for the Fabulous Ones, cuz I'm not the wimp, they are." - Hart
"Why don't you admit it? When the music stops and the jackets come off, you don't have what it takes." - Hart
"From now on, you're gonna have to work your way up and start from the bottom. That's how it's gonna be." - Hart to The Fabs
"What I'm gonna do today, for all the parapalegics and cripples that can't come to the matches, The Assassins are going to put the titles up against two men who I feel are superstars today. Ain't that nice of me?" - Hart
"It's gonna be guys that are on TV all the time. It's gonna be Robert Reed and Ken Raper. Two superstars of the future." - Hart
"With all due respect to Raper and Red, they are two guys starting out. They are not in the World Tag Title picture." - Lance
"For all you shut-in's, a world tag title match, right now." - Hart
"Oh, thanks a bunch, Jimmy." - Lance
CWA Tag Titles - The Assassins vs Ken Raper and Robert Reed
"Don King just called. They're gonna be going to New York, Boston. These two are the new World Tag Team Champion." - Stan Lane
Overall thoughts: Some fun stuff on here but I was disappointed that it wasn't a full episode.

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