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CHIKARA 2/10/2013 While the Dawn is Breaking Review

CHIKARA 2/10/2013 While the Dawn is Breaking Review

Mr. Touchdown was talking to himself:
"It's game time, it's touchdown time and I'm coming for you Saturyne." - Mr. Touchdown

Young Lions Cup Title - "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti vs Saturyne
"She needs to get the analog stick. It's time to bust the special move out. We goin' N64 style." - Sugar Dunkerton
Mr. Touchdown won with a backdrop into a cutter. Pretty good match here during the second half though the first pat was rough. I couldn't really buy Saturyne against Touchdown as she is just too small, but once she started busting out submissions, I could believe in it some. I really liked Touchdown's one handed gorilla press and the finish was pretty cool.

Jakob Hammermeier vs Gran Akuma
"Jakob looks like a guy that would trip to bum a sip of your drink outside of a Wa-Wa." - Remsburg | "Yeah, not even a cup, just pour it into my hand." - Loudspeaker
Supposedly, Tim Donst got to Jakob's hair the night before.
I swear Gran Akuma once waited on me at a Damon's in my city, but I cannot confirm it. I always kind of liked Akuma. I have a soft spot for kickers.
Jakob got the surprise win here quick. He crotched Akuma on the ropes and then pinned him. I don't have any real thoughts on it as it was short and not that special.

Wink Vavasseur cut a promo about how he is in charge and how if something bad happens to him, Chikara will pay.
Wink tried to form some partnership with Soldier Ant with Soldier Ant eventually agreeing to it.

Tim Donst vs Archibald Peck

Archibald Peck won when Donst kicked him in the nuts. This wasn't very good at all and Peck's moves are all really weak looking.
"And that Veronica...She's not stupid. She's not a Jakob." - Tim Donst
Gavin Loudspeaker said something, Donst went after him then hit a move on Peck. After, Jakob tried to help out Donst and Veronica walked to the back with him even though he hit her purposely with the elbow.

F.I.S.T. - Chuck Taylor, Icarus and Sugar Dunkerton vs The Colony - Fire Ant, Green Ant and assailANT
"The wedgie slam." - Dasher Hatfield | "He's always got a new trick up his sleeve, even though he doesn't wear sleeves." - Gavin | "He's got a new trick up his tights." - Dasher
The finish
assailANT won with the a version of the Chikara Special. Good match here that picked up near the end. The story of this was the odd relationship with Dunkerton and the rest of FIST.  The first half was mostly comedy but when they got serious, it got better. Rating:***

Sugar Dunkerton tried to make peave with Dasher Hatfield and reform their team but Dasher wasn't into it. Sug cut a pretty good promo and was really into it and Dasher wasn't bad either.

Kobald cut a promo.
He said he was ordered to do what Dasher did to Delirious the nut before.

Dasher Hatfield vs Kobald
Kobald won with a rollup after Delirious grabbed Dasher's foot.. The match was alright but went a little too long for these two and had too much comedy in it. I did like the seated alley oop though and both guys aren't bad at all.
Sugar tried to clear things with Dasher but Dasher pushed him down.

Mike Quackenbush said he lost everything except his temper, but when he does, Gekido should look out.

Jigsaw, DeviANT and The Shard vs Hallowicked, Frightmare and Mike Quackenbush

The finish
The rudos won here with a MK Ultra/Double Stomp combo. Good match here with some nice dives and a good pace. Quack's double springboard was the highlight here and I loved Shard's deadlift german. Good stuff here. Rating:***1/4

Eddie Kingston vs Kevin Steen
They went at it even before they were announced
"What do you think of that, Smart Mark? Buy my shoot." - Steen
Eddie Kingston won with a Backfist to the Future. The match was good but went a little long. I liked how they started out with a heated brawl and then I liked Steen working over Kingston's leg. It was pretty good overall and I think a lot of people will be into it. Rating:***1/4

Green Ant came out after.
Green Ant challenged Kingston to a title match and Kingston accepted. He then slapped Green Ant.

Ophidian came out.
A bunch of people in Amasis masked stared him down and he went after them.
"I want his face." - Ophidian
"You're not Amasis, you're dead."
Amasis then appeared.
Delirious pulled him back.
"I'm not crazy!"

"Young Bucks, you might be the best tag team in the world, but you won't be tonight."

CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match - 3.0 vs The Young Bucks
The Bucks got the first with a rollup and 3.0 got the 2nd soon after with a double team codebreaker.
3.0 won with a boston crab. The match wasn't bad but they rang the bell too early and had to continue and the match was very spot and move heavy. The crowd loved it though and it was treated as a really big deal. One of the Bucks did a tope con giro on the outside and basically powerbombed himself on the floor which had to suck. There were alot of dives and more superkicks than you can count. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show here. There were lots of storylines and follow-ups here, some comedy and some good wrestling. This had something for everyone and is recommended.

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