Sunday, March 10, 2013

BJW 3/1/2013

BJW 3/1/2013

No Mats and Razorboards - Jaki Numazawa vs Jun Kasai
Jun Kasai won with a Cradle Shock on the Razorboard. The match was pretty good. The BJW crowd loves razors for some reason so the heat was good. I liked them doing moves down the hole in the ring and they took some rough piledrivers on the wooden planks. Fun stuff. Rating:***

Glass Panes and Light Tubes - Drake Younger vs Ryuji Ito
Ryuji Ito beat Drake Younger at 11:20 with a frogsplash on chairs. Good match here highlighte dby Drake's wacky selling that put over the pain. The spot with Ito punching Younger who had glass in his mouth was wild. The glass board also provided for some nice effects and overall I liked this one. Rating:***1/4

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