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WWE NXT 2/7/2013 Review

NXT 2/7/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

William Regal and Tony Dawson are your announcers

Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger vs British Ambition -Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey
"Oliver Grey has been trained by three great friends of mine. Steve Grey, Danny Boy Collins and Johnny Saint." - Regal
"One of my favorite tag teams of all-time is from England: The Riot Squad, Fit Finlay and Skull Murphy". - Regal
"Regal, do you see this? This is your fault." - Ohno
Adrian Neville got the win on Kassius Ohno with the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press. Pretty good match here with Neville as always being the highlight. Ohno yelled at Regal during the match which is still building their feud and right after that is about when Ohno got pinned. Oliver Grey had some nice selling during the first half of this match and it wasn't a bad effort at all. Rating:**3/4

Renee Young interviews Summer Rae
"NXT's about to find out that Summer School's always in session".
Summer Rae said she was sick of announcing Paige's name and that she is beautiful while Paige is really ugly.

Conor O'Brian vs Mike Dalton
Conor O'Brian won quickly in an unimpressive squash with a LEGDROP to the back of Mike Dalton's head. Yep, a legdrop! After the match, he demanded a 5-count. The ref wouldn't budge though and he counted it himself. Wait a minute, a ref just basically stood up to him and laid down the law and I'm supposed to buy this guy against Big E?
Big E Langston then came down after O'Brian did his own 5-count.
Langston then hit Mike Dalton with a Big Ending for no reason whatsoever. Wouldn't hitting O'Brian with it be more effective? Especially since he just beat the guy easily?
Paige went to Dusty Rhodes in the back and demanded a match with Summer Rae for next week. Then in a funny spot she backed up into Sasha Banks and yelled "GET OUT OF MY WAY".
Dusty then gave Sasha Banks another secret admirer letter.

"Okay, I wont look, but can I hear it?" - Dusty Rhodes being awesome
"Next week is Valentine's Day and I can't think of a better way to show my affection than with PDA(?). Your secret admirer." - The Secret Admirer
"PDA? I gotta get Rob(Naylor) back in here. Rob? Rob?" - Dusty Rhodes
 They showed a bunch of clips from the NXT Royal Rumble Tournament.

Wyatt told Bo his 15 minutes were up, but Bo said the time might be up for the Wyatt Family.

NXT Championship Tournament - The Wyatt Family - Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Michael McGillicutty and Bo Dallas

Luke Harper clotheslined Mike and Rowan pinned Mike to get the win. The match was under 5 minutes and not much to it at all. They also cut ot a break between it to it was barely there.

Bray Wyatt tried to recruit Bo Dallas after but Bo said no. Bray then attacked Bo after and said the best is yet to come:

Overall thoughts: The show was okay I guess but nothing special at all. Totally skippable.

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