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WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre TV 2/9/2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre TV 2/9/2013

Andy Leavine vs Apollo vs THE SANDMAN vs Sebastian Guerra
Guerra eliminates Andy Leavine

Apollo got the win with a Rock Bottom here. I did like seeing The Sandman but it was seriously clipped and resembled a highlight reel more than anything else.

Samson Walker vs Chicano
Apollo was at ringside watching this.
Samson gets tripped by his own manager
Chicano accidently takes out Apollo
Walker throws the ref into Chicano's leg lariat
Payback time for Chicano
Samson Walker wins
Samson Walker beat Chicano after Apollo hit a Rock Bottom on Chicano. Not too much shown here, just the necessary stuff, but it was okay. Though, I do wonder why Walker threw the ref into Chicano and didn't get DQ'd.
I think they made challenges for a 3 way between the three after.
"If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on me, because we're family. We're gonna go to the ring tonight and end Chicano's career. I'm gonna win the Puerto Rican championship tonight and then we're gonna party and drink beer. Chicano, tonight you're dead." - Samson Walker
Jay Vélez y Xavant vs. Barrabás JR y El Colonel
Xaviant got the win here with a bombs away knee drop from the top. Super fun match here with the faces making a HUGE comeback and everyone going nuts. Xaviant was amazing here and why is this dude not on my TV every week?  Fun stuff here that is worth a look. I loved Xaviant's lariats as well as they were totally Stan Hansen like. Rating:***1/2

They showed highlights of a Rey Fenix with Savio Vega beating down the real Rey Fenix Ray Gonzales:
I love evil doppleganger storylines so I can't wait to see how this plays out. It makes it more interesting because Gonzalez doesn't play the Fenix character at this moment.

They cut to this shot of Diabolico which I thought was cool:

We got some clips of Thunder y Lightning vs The Sons of Samoa:
Barabas did an evil laugh in an after match promo

"Tonight, be prepared. It's not supposed to go down like this. You're gonna get it. Barrbas, you're gonna keep your damn hands out of my buisness."
"Next time we see you, three words - SAMOAN DEATH MATCH."
We then got promos to close the last 20 minutes with Rey Gonzalez, Savio Vega, Carlito Caribbean Cool and others. They also talked about the history of Savio Vega vs Carlos Colon and I swear we are going to get a match between the two out of this.

Overall thoughts: Great episode of WWC this week that is definitely worth a look. We got a hot tag match, THE SANDMAN and bloody, angry Samoans! Every show should have these three things.

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