Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snakepit Adelaide Pro Wrestling POWERSLAM TV - 1/30/2013

Snakepit Pro Wrestling POWERSLAM TV - 1/30/2013

This is from Australia and I've never seen Australian wrestling before, so why not?

A.J Istria vs Damian Slater
Slater airplane spins the ref because he's dizzy then counts the ref for the pin
Damien Slater got the win with a superkick. The match was fine until that dumb comedy spot. No idea what they were thinking there as that didn't even make the least bit of sense.

Adelaide Open Championship - Falls Count Anywhere - Michael Weaver vs Tommy Venum
Weaver comes out to Kevin Steen's music. Feel free to make your own jokes there.
Tommy Venum got the win with a sunset bomb. Not a real good one here. Venum has an awful Go 2 Sleep that he calls "A dose of Venum" and this was as indy as it gets. Lots of interference, bad camera angles and cheap weaponry made this one a stinker. It went about 15 minutes but felt double that.
Overall thoughts: Skip this. This is really indy stuff and combined with a dark arena and bad camera angles, it's not very good. This is probably the first and last Snakepit review for a while.

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